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Huawei cable breaking monopoly western influences 99% communications and data flow power offensive!

by:AAA     2020-04-13
( Industry news] Huawei cable breaking monopoly western influences % communications and data flow power offensive! NVCSY P 'Japanese economic news', published an article, said the United States is to strengthen pressure, trying to crowd out in China from the world's communication infrastructure, but it's hard to completely reject Chinese enterprise doesn't make much sense. The us and Europe, overwhelmingly advantage, the article introduces the % of the world's communication and data flows through the submarine cable. Satellites used for data communication, but due to the smaller capacity, the proportion is %. America, Asia, Europe and Africa, it said, email and financial transaction information basic flows through the submarine cable. Dominate the bottom of the sea, as it were, in fact control the communication network of the country global data flow. The world laid the article about the submarine cable. They also secretly laid the military cable, cable picture hidden in the depths of the ocean. , the United States, Japan and Australia, head of the security alert recently mood is becoming more and more serious. They worry that China may gradually enlarge the influence in the field of underwater communication network. Allegedly, the us-japan Macao to focus on China, private communication intelligence and countermeasures are discussed. According to public and non-public information analysis can be found that the current day in the us and Europe occupy the overwhelming superiority, but is not established. Huawei cable break the western monopoly in this paper, the current in the cable laying, account for the lion's share of the world is underwater communications, tyco electronics companies in the United States followed by Japan electric company ( NEC) And European alcatel undersea Internet company. The sum of three companies laying of submarine cable length accounted for more than % of the total length of cable in the world. Article says, is to break the monopoly system, by the United States as a thorn in the side of China's huawei technologies co. , LTD. Huawei's joint venture with British enterprises about years ago, participate in submarine cable business, gradually gain success. Last month, the us and Europe in the industry by surprise. This is because, huawei completed the connection of South America and Africa about km submarine cable laying project. Before this, huawei is mainly responsible for southeast Asia and Russia's far east and the short length of cable operations. Huawei completed first across the ocean engineering, it is demonstrated that although the experience of huawei is far less than, the us and Europe, but the technology is steadily catching up. Years and years, huawei finish will amount to a new cable laying project. Most projects cable interval is shorter, even complete laying, cable length had less than % share of the world. But, in the medium term, for Europe and the United States, huawei will become an despised rival. According to the opinions of the concerned personage, can come to the conclusion that the following three reasons. First, participate in undersea cable project about years, huawei is, accumulated long-term monopoly intercontinental long cable field strength in the us and Europe. Second, huawei in terrestrial communications infrastructure has higher technical strength. Necessary repeater in submarine cable and cable landing station transmission devices, can play advantage. Third, China is actively promoting the construction of digital infrastructure, support domestic enterprises in the world. Huawei may than in terms of price competition, enterprises in the us and Europe. Big defensive side at the bottom of the sea on the article pointed out that the cable laying and other infrastructure, it is difficult to completely reject Chinese enterprises, may not be wise. This is because, with the rapid increase of data communication, the submarine cables have a huge demand, enterprises cannot meet the demand in the us and Europe alone. , it is important that day in the us and Europe to unite to support domestic enterprises construction important intelligence and high-tech 'center path of data flow. Around the 'center path' is the United States and its Allies, Australia and Europe's submarine cable. More diplomatic sources say, with Australia in the future will not allow Chinese companies to their own countries laying cable. However, between djibouti and French submarine cable is laid, if completed, means that allow Chinese companies to join 'center path' for the first time. The article also suggested that day in the us and Europe to speed up the perfect cable landing station safety countermeasures. According to IT specialists, submarine cable using the optical fiber, opponents to stealing information from the midway, but if the intrusion at the ends of the cable cable landing station, you can access to huge amounts of data. The article points out that revolve around the hegemony of submarine cable for a long time. After the first world war, the victors around how to divide had a fierce debate Germany laying of submarine cables. This is because, in the us and Europe at the time know that cable structure can control the power distribution between the great powers. Article finally concludes that the competition can't see land and space, light also is worth paying close attention to the offensive and defensive in the ocean. Source: reference information network the original title; The Japanese media: submarine cable control for intensified,'
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