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Huarui developed from sticky type tower crane cable wire

by:AAA     2020-04-27
( Industry news] Huarui lines developed from sticky type tower crane cable cable net P widely attention in recent international power and technology conference, are put forward such a problem: 'domestic and foreign electric power needs to be'. With this problem, show that in the next few years there will be a large number of power facilities in gradually rise, which in turn drives the domestic wire and cable market leap, believe that this is also an inevitable imagination. Obviously, the application of power facilities just wire and cable applications, one of the aspects with relevant policies in our country, the infrastructure construction also attaches great importance to emerge, such as small and medium-sized cities transformation, expansion and interconnection of power grid, the development of the information superhighway, booming of communication, and upgrading of electrical equipment and the requirement of energy conservation, and even the development of the Midwest and the development of small and medium-sized cities, the use of wire and cable will be brought along. According to the national related data show that in recent years, China has become the world's largest cable manufacturer, the proportion of global cable production. %。 There is no doubt that at present China is the world's fastest-growing cable consumption country, wire and cable will have an exuberant demand period. There is no doubt that in the wire and cable market, competition heats up won't be surprise, but that is only confined to traditional wire and cable market. Traditional cable the high-speed development of the industry, no doubt, exposed many problems: the production capacity is greater than the demand, a supply glut, and technical content is not very high. Based on the situation of the market, how to stand out in the cable market? Widely praised in the industry of wuhan whvri new electric cable company to do the first as the leadership, relying on the strong strength of the corporation 'huarui cable group' and brand benefit, instead, under the joint efforts of many experts and researchers, the new YCGYCWG tower crane cable finally came out, the product has cold resistant, wear resistant, corrosion resistant, soft, prevent oil, halogen free, and many other features, has a strong mechanical load to bear ability, and good bending performance. More it is worth mentioning, has applied for patent of adhesive type internal structure. According to the new wuhan whvri electric cable company relevant controller introduces, at present is mainly power transmission tower crane cable and control cable, has been widely used in large cranes, crane, stacking machine, roll machine, building the open elevator snatch, sewage plant, magnet, etc. , there is a huge potential development space, its market is in the coming years - Years have great potential of development. As a result, the tower crane cable will attract more and more people pay close attention to! Throughout the current traditional cable market competition situation, is already in full swing, fierce, and facing oversupply problems, on the contrary, the tower crane cable market is almost faced with vacancy situation. Face the are the development of the market, how to seize the domestic manufacturers need to consider problems, maybe, because develop the Chinese market has become the general cable manufacturers at home and abroad is an important component of marketing strategy. As in the domestic cable industry leading huarui cable company 'tower crane cable to ground', in the market competition for its increasing important chip, as well as alarm bells to domestic wire and cable manufacturers. This article from the cable net product information.
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