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Huaneng completed preliminary due diligence for co xin new energy mergers and acquisitions

by:AAA     2020-04-15
( Industry news] Golden concord is completed by huaneng new energy acquisition initial P, due diligence, poly xin energy ( HK) Golden concord with new energy, HK) Could sell golden concord new energy % equity make a further announcement, a potential buyer ( Huaneng group subsidiary, China huaneng group Hong Kong co. , LTD. ) Completed preliminary due diligence investigation of the association, xin new energy. Golden concord new energy over a potential buyer further questions in the process of due diligence to reply and discuss the solution of the problem. At the same time, jie tai and potential buyer is the content of the agreement. At present, the poly (xin xin holdings association of new energy. % equity. Related: resumption of today! Golden concord new energy or owners huaneng group actually early warning. 。 。 According to the report, (date) (month) (year), poly xin xin energy and association of new energy jointly announced, poly (xin jie tai universal co. , LTD. And China huaneng group affiliated subsidiaries China huaneng group Hong Kong co. , LTD. , cooperation intention agreement is concluded, the content about the possible sale of xin new energy in equity. Xin billion shares, equivalent to the announcement date of the new energy all issued share capital of about. %。 Source: offshore wind observation
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