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How to ensure that the shielding effect of shielded cable

by:AAA     2020-04-16
( Industry news] How to guarantee the shielded cable shielding effect w P shielded cable is in the common cable with a protective layer, the bronze in the manufacturing process of shielding layer, there are a lot of correct or incorrect process. One important parameter is the braided Angle shielding layer. In used for drag chain of cable, cable diameter shield on the load must be taken into account. Unreasonable shield braid Angle will further increase the tension load, lead to the breakage of the shield. This will cause the shielding effect is abate, when sharp cable tail puncture wool fabric or gold foil material come into contact with the conductor, and even cause a short-circuit. Here, we recommend you a useful tip: if the insulation stripping, can easily be pushed back to the shield in the sheath, but such a shielding layer cannot apply to energy supply system, the motion of the flexible cable. Igus, of course, be able to provide direct solution of these problems: through long-term experiments, decided to shield braid Angle can effectively counteract tension, which is very suitable for drag chain. Due to the stable inner jacket, shield not slack failure. In the winding structure, shielding layer itself has torsion performance. Sheath wear or damage to any internal structure defect is difficult to detect, from outside but sheath problems to the naked eye can be observed directly. Sheath is cable precision internal structure of the first layer of protection. This is why rupture, wear and expansion deformation of the sheath is a very serious quality problem. In order to avoid such problems, igus provides seven different materials of cable sheath, for users to undertake choosing according to its corresponding mechanical working environment. Armor type sheathed extrusion manufacturing process and material are also important factors in determining the quality of products. In some of the so-called is suitable for the cable drag chain, sheath usually into tubular type, so we can not in long-term bending process, the necessary support to provide the winding structure so that the winding structure is easy to split. Igus as the first manufacturer in the drag chain system, and developed a armor type extrusion sheath. The sheath can ensure that the cable in the movement, the core will not loosen. Reason is the sheath is by special extrusion pressure, it is like a guide groove, played a guiding role in the movement of the conductor, at the same time also has played a supporting role. Therefore very suitable for drag chain. Summarize the applicable to the drag chain high flexible cable quality assurance: center to stress design; Multibeam cabling structure; In shielded cable armor type extrusion sheath; Full block insulation woven mesh; Optimization of the shielding Angle; Armor type extrusion sheath. If shielded cable shielding effect will be from production to the installation process, to ensure that all the bronze shield will not damage, wire and cable manufacturers, chongqing Qin Li power cable manufacturing co. , LTD. , organizing & lt; div风格= '自动换行breakword; 边缘像素; 填充px; color rgb( ,,) ; Fontfamily Arial, Verdana, song typeface. px fontsize; lineheight px; 写成backgroundcolor rgb ( ,,) ; '> http / / www。 cqqldx。 com/< / div> < div风格= '自动换行breakword; 边缘像素; 填充px; color rgb( ,,) ; Fontfamily Arial, Verdana, song typeface. px fontsize; lineheight px; 写成backgroundcolor rgb ( ,,) ; '> http / / www。 cqqldl。 com/< /div>
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