How to contact your after-sale service division?
There are a lot of channels for you to reach the after-sales service division of Guangdong Cable Factory Co., Ltd.. On our official website, there are several contact methods listed at the bottom of the website and also the "Contact Us" page. They include valid telephone numbers, e-mail address, Skype, and so on, any of which is available to contact our after-sale service department. The department consists of several professionals who have spent years providing customers across the world with prompt and highly responsive service. Their profession and dedication to their work have earned them a lot of praises.

Paying years of attention to the manufacture of fire cable, AAA has been considered as one of the most robust manufacturers in China. AAA focuses on providing a variety of electric power cable for customers. Throughout the manufacturing process of AAA fire retardant cable, tight tolerances and strict process controls are essential to ensure that there is no contamination, physical damage on the electrodes. It is outstanding for its excellent electrical performance. While using good traditional production methods, we constantly develop and efficiently use emerging advanced production modes. Being damp-proof, the product is easy to store.

The customer service team at weelectrical cable always listens to customers' needs carefully and objectively. Check now!
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