How to choose and terminal vendors would!

by:AAA     2020-04-15
( Industry news] How to choose and terminal vendors would! Sdjixie P first of all, we understand the terminal machine company first year namely enterprise qualifications like old wine, the longer brewing wine is more fragrant, enterprise is also the same. Reason is very simple, just set up enterprises, although there is technology, but the machine is not perfect, many aspects of the machine will have a little problem. Set up more than a decade of enterprise, has the comprehensive improvement of machine. Not only perfected the all machines, and also develop new machines, production faster, higher quality, more stable system. Second, to understand the company's honorary certificate, is the enterprise owned by the certificate. Certificate is only up to the national standards, the state will only be awarded to you. Especially foreign agency certification, because foreign enterprises demand for quality is very high, can have foreign certification certificate, an enterprise is to be able to fully embody the enterprise quality of machine. Third, in the understanding of the enterprise cooperation customers have well-known enterprises, the same as the second point, if the enterprise product quality no good, no one is willing to cooperate with him, let alone a large well-known domestic enterprises. Dongguan, shanghaiyijia machinery co. , LTD. Is an enterprise with strong strength, twelve years focus on r&d automatic terminal machine and won several national patents. Has won the Italian ECM testing institutions CE seriously, with Germany, Italy, Brazil, India, before should, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries well-known enterprise cooperation, the company terminal machine, punching machine, binding wire machine such as the quality of the products has been achieved industry-leading position. [sdjixie edited] [sdjixie in edited]
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