How long it will take for OEM processing?
It depends. The time for OEM processing includes time for manufacturing the finished products and the time for packing the products, and so on. Generally, it takes more time in the process of project planning in the preliminary period. It is a more complicated process and requires the efforts of highly responsible and professional staff. Additionally, the product filing is also necessary to make the products legal for selling and exporting. Also, based on the order placing sequence, we will arrange cargo delivery.

Guangdong Cable Factory Co., Ltd. has become a famous and widely recognized manufacturer in the industry. We are engaged in the design and production of custom electrical wire. AAA focuses on providing a variety of electric control cable for customers. The touch screen of AAA insulated power cable is manufactured strictly complying to the touch-based technology standards. The resolution of the screen is tested to be highly sensitive. It has the features of UV resistance and ozone resistance. This product is skin-friendly. The fibers have a smooth feel and a natural sweating action that keeps moisture away from the skin. It boasts many advantages, such as large transmission capacity and fast power transmission.

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