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How high voltage cable selection

by:AAA     2020-04-16
( Industry news] How high voltage cable selection dianlan P power cable, as one of the most common cable life, wide application, here to get to know some basic structure of power cable cable. The power cable line cable ontology ( Commonly referred to as 'cable) Attachment the middle connector terminal head ( Indoor, outdoor, separable terminal) Other installed equipment ( Bridge, wear tube, fire materials, etc. ) The basic structure and the function of each component and the characteristics of the conductor conductor is to provide the access of the load current. Its main technical indicators and requirements:) Conductor cross section and dc resistance: due to the current through a conductor with the conductor resistance and generate heat, so, according to the transmission power flow to choose the appropriate conductor cross section, the dc resistance shall conform to the specified value, to meet the requirements of thermal stability of the cable runs. ) Conductor structure: conductor was the high voltage cable work electrode, and its maximum surface electric field intensity, if local have burrs of the electric field intensity is here. Therefore, in the design and production and use of departments in making joint conductor connection, one of the main technical problems to solve is to try to make the conductor surface smooth and no burr roundness, to improve the conductor surface electric field distribution. The role of the metal shielding metal mask:) Form the low voltage electric field work electrode, when local have burrs will form a large electric field strength, therefore, also want to try to make the surface as far as possible do no burr smooth round. ) Provide a capacitive current and fault current pathway, therefore also has the certain section. Semiconduction shielding layer semiconduction shielding layer is an improvement on the high voltage cable used in metal electrode surface electric field distribution, at the same time important technical measures to improve the surface electric strength of the insulation. ) First instead of conductor formed smooth the surface of the whole garden, greatly improve the surface electric field distribution,) Can contact closely with insulation, at the same time, can't overcome the insulation and metal close contact and weakness of air gap, and the air gap block outside the field work. Also widely used in accessories to make the technology. Insulation insulation is the key to high voltage electrode and electrode reliable isolation structure. ) Work under voltage and various overvoltage long-term effects, so its electric strength and long-term stability performance is to ensure that the most important part of the cable transmission task. ) Resistant to heat conductor of heat effect and maintain proper electric strength. Cable technology is mainly determined by the insulation technology. For the most part, from production to run test measuring project is aimed at monitoring for the purpose of various performance of the insulation. Protection of layer is to protect the insulation layer and the important guarantee of proper and reliable work of the whole cable. According to various environmental conditions of use have corresponding security layer structure design. Is mainly mechanical protection ( Longitudinal, radial force) , waterproof, fire prevention, anti-corrosion, biological prevention, etc. According to the need for various combinations. The above is small make up some of the basic knowledge of the power cable, for your reference. More information on cable quotation, cable purchase, cable, etc. , can login China cable industry network HTTP / / WWW. 电缆。 com
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