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How do automatic terminal vendors would choose?

by:AAA     2020-04-16
( Industry news] How do automatic terminal vendors would choose? Sdjixie P the pearl river delta is the national scientific and technological innovation and technology research and development base. Is the highest one of three major regional comprehensive strength in China, an important area for national economy development. The pearl river delta with sugar, silk, food, paper, machinery, chemical, building materials, shipbuilding and other industries, especially machinery is the most developed. Take the inside of the machinery industry terminal machine, for example. Currently, terminal vendors would more numerous, especially the pearl river delta region. Terminal machine, this year there has been widely used in wire processing industry. Has become essential to the processing of wire machine, simply give us the terminal machine, automatic decortication, color, line, peeling endothelial, detection of color, a complete feed, terminal crimping, percent of pass guarantee %, support customization, plug can work all over the world, the power cord and wire, one can directly replace workers, save worry save money. For terminal machine manufacturer, we must choose welding process of high quality and advanced technology. By contrast, can see the basic two different terminal vendors would terminal machine. We are a factory for the processing of party a and party b contrast of terminal machine, one is a fully automated, one is the traditional terminal machine, please see below: a homework article speed per hour, percent of pass % momentum T voltage ACV/Hz listed stripping size mm weight KG feature set a complete wire stripping and terminal crimping, compared with the original operation save workers, adopt Japan SMC cylinder type b article homework speed per hour, percent of pass % momentum T voltage ACV/listed HzHz stripping dimensions. MMMM KG weight function single-ended peel twisted line, need to use clear dry air though two contrasting terminal machine parameters have obvious difference, but the parameters of the terminal machine can only do reference, best can also wire the terminal machine of assignment. If not to the scene to observe the situation of the machine, it is to understand terminal vendors would qualification and capability, this factor can indirectly proves that the quality of the terminal machine manufacturer. Another is to investigate the manufacturer partners and terminal machine for export. There are more than these materials, enough to conclude that a terminal vendors would machine quality and is not suitable for long-term cooperation. Dongguan terminal vendors would which good? Dongguan sen jia machinery co. , LTD. 12 years to focus on research and development manufacturing wire processing equipment such as automatic terminal machine. Use the advanced technology such as Germany, Italy, Japan, support global terminals of different specifications, terminal machine export overseas, and professional after-sale team processing terminal machine all problems.
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