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There are lots of ways to contact Guangdong Cable Factory Co., Ltd.. It's a suggested way to directly make a contact with our employees. On our official website, you can have a comprehensive understanding about our main business, and you can make contact by our email, whatsapp, wechat or phone call at your own convenience. At the bottom of website, there's a form for you to fill in. Please leave your message, our employees will contact you as soon as possible.

Specializing in the integrated development of R&D, design, production, and sales of car charger cable, AAA has a high influence on this industry. heat resistant cable is the main product of AAA . It is diverse in variety. It is sufficiently fire resistant when it is intended for use in the home or non-domestic environments such as hotels. It boasts many advantages, such as large transmission capacity and fast power transmission. AAA has established strategic cooperation relationships with many famous companies. The product is anti-oxidation, making it be used outdoors.

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