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Higher knowledge! Guangdong electric wire electric cable's main performance test turned out to be the six

by:AAA     2020-09-14
EV cable is a new energy vehicles dedicated cable, telex is an important part of. Used to connect the electric car charging device and the charging infrastructure. Because of the use of the environment factor, puts forward a high performance requirements for the cable, including strength, ageing resistance, thermal shock, low temperature, high temperature pressure winding and stretch, acid and alkali resistant, hydrolysis, tearing resistance and halogen evaluation, etc. Today we are easy to get to know several performance test experiment of EV cable! Figure electric vehicle EV charging cable 1. Liquid resistance test test the test requirements of each section of the cable length shall be 600 mm or more, after the resistance to bending test requirement of the experiment was carried out with the test bar diameter up to 5 d ( D to deal with before the cable diameter) One from each test process Duan Chengpin cable, this experiment at room temperature in the table below specified liquid soak 1 h, take place at room temperature after 22 h, and then to bend test. Cable sample after 180 ° bend surface should be no visible cracks. Table test with chemical liquid serial number
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