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High voltage cable will be the future main cable market

by:AAA     2020-04-16
( Industry news] High voltage cable will become the future cable market main w P is known as the 'blood vessels' and 'nerve' of the national economy of wire and cable industry as the world electricity, communications infrastructure of increasing investment and to improve energy security, Internet security value for the rapid development period. Although a lot of wire and cable enterprises in China, GDP has been ranked one of the world, but more by the rapid development of domestic enterprises in low pressure conventional civil cable is given priority to, most of the high pressure, high pressure is given priority to with the overseas import, these high-end cable Technavio released by power cables ( ) According to the report, to the years, the high voltage cable accounted for the proportion of power cable market demand will be more than %. In addition, the low voltage cable of total demand. %, medium voltage cable. %。 Said in a report, high-voltage dc cable power cable market is the leading role, the long distance, low loss characteristics will drive the market continues to grow, especially in the submarine high-voltage dc cable market. Report is expected to the year, the high voltage cable compound annual increase rate will be close to % of the market, higher than the average growth level of power cable market. In regional terms, to the years, the asia-pacific region is still the world's largest regional market, share more than %. Increased urban population and rising living standards improve the local electric power demand is the main reason for the high demand for power cable in the asia-pacific region. From the point of supplier, prysmian, nexon, general cable, sumitomo electric is a leader in the field of high voltage cable technology, still is the world's leading supplier of four high voltage cable. Meanwhile, belden cable, Southwire cable, LS cable, the far east cable and so on various areas the main suppliers are also accelerating the investment and development in the field of high voltage cable, seizes the market, in the development of social economic integration so quickly today, no progress will be beaten, not steady development of the enterprise was doomed to be abandoned by the society, not to share more high-end will be more and more high pressure wire and cable market to competition, and has been in a competitive incentive and increasingly saturated low-end low-pressure civil electric wire electric cable market squeeze that little profits, the industry competitiveness of the enterprise will not have the future, will soon be squeezed out. http / / cqqldx。 com/newsdetail_。 html
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