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High viscosity oil extraction thaw electric heating pipe insulation system application

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] High viscosity oil extraction thaw analytical cnbonda P electric heating pipe insulation system used in the northern region, some of the crude oil mining relative to the south more difficult, the northern region winter temperatures generally lower than that of more than ten degrees below zero, the lower the temperature, the oil will appear thick or the phenomenon of paraffin deposit, the mining transport caused great influence, which need have for mining plan for oil extraction, mining difficult problem to the insulation. High viscosity of crude oil due to poor understanding, and mining are increased, generally in the mining will extend the extraction time, increase the cost budget and staff, the mining mode cannot meet the demand, has increased the cost, relative to the winter oil drilling, sampling electric heating pipe insulation system can solve the problem of freeze protection. When choosing electric heat tracing system need to undertake choosing according to the characteristics of crude oil, because more viscous oil pipeline, pipe diameter and the scene of the actual temperature demand of different environments, such as the selection of electric tracing band models need the corresponding selection, when the oil pipes how to choose the suitable electric heating products, then understand the electric heat tracing system with small make up specific selection requirements! Tubing is divided into two long pipeline and short pipeline, and areas of high temperature for long pipeline, sampling constant power electric tracing band is more appropriate, constant power electric tracing band designed for long-distance pipeline insulation used, its working temperature can be reached, and the length can reach thousands of meters, applied in long-distance pipeline heat preservation effect is much better! For the short pipeline, is a more significant effect of self-control temperature electric tracing band, electric tracing band can be divided into normal control temperature, explosion-proof type, explosion-proof reinforced and explosion-proof anti-corrosion type, etc, for the extraction of crude oil transportation, sampling explosion-proof anti-corrosion type electric tracing band can meet the requirements of the insulation antifreeze. In the electric heat tracing system, in addition to the limit temperature electric tracing band and constant power electric tracing band no other more suitable insulation products, compared with traditional heating method, electric heat tracing system has a power of small, easy installation, simple maintenance, without manual operation and long service life, etc, is a new generation heat preservation heat tracing products. Tags: electric heat tracing system, electric tracing band information sources: dagring electric tracing band ( http / / www。 cnbonda。 com/news/doc/。 html)
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