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High temperature cable increasingly strong market demand

by:AAA     2020-05-09
( Industry news] High temperature cable market demand increasingly strong useful P at present our country although is one of the largest producer of the world wire and cable, cable companies large and small nearly, but more than ninety percent of the enterprise for small and medium-sized enterprises, product homogeneity, redundant construction is serious, the product is almost mid-range cable, so can produce fireproof cables, locomotive cables, nuclear power plant cable, heating cable, special cable manufacturer is much rarer, accounting for less than total existing wire and cable manufacturing enterprises %, lead to supply special cable, most still continue to rely on imports. High temperature cable as an important part of special cable, with a strong 'vitality', the current market demand trends. In the high temperature cable, on the basis of relevant national plan is set to 'high temperature superconducting power transmission' to support key projects. At present, according to rough statistics, each year sales of special cable products in about one hundred million yuan, accounting for about domestic cable about % of total market sales, high temperature cable demand. Since this year, the world superconducting cable project successfully developed and realized the news of the demonstration operation. Research for many years 'superconducting power transmission' has finally entered the practical stage, commercial operation is expected to start in years. Is the country vigorously support, but the development of a high temperature cable technology far cannot meet the demand of new markets. Superconducting applications at the same time is expected to the year the world's total market will reach $, HTS cable of % share. The expert analysis thinks, although in superconducting power r&d and application in China lag behind the us, if we take the opportunity to develop, is expected to the year the superconducting electric scale is expected to reach $, including superconducting cable accounted for %. Currently the world's first article transmission current biggest - — Current-carrying capacity of thousands of high temperature superconducting cable, have been developed in our country, which is also the world's first to achieve interconnection demonstration operation of high temperature superconducting dc cable, marked the our country again in superconducting cables in developing large capacity achieved new breakthroughs, and a leading position in the world. The move has drawn great attention of the industry in the academic circles. At the same time with the Chinese Academy of Sciences academician lu-guang yan and expert advisory panels, led by China academy of engineering g. gu, believe that the most obvious feature of the superconducting power transmission is large transmission capacity, low dissipation, high current density, small volume, which HTS cable will superconducting cable technology development of China and even the world plays a big role. In addition to the high temperature superconducting cable for the future development trend to play good, there are multiple areas of special cable demand will increase greatly, such as average annual demand of locomotive cables will be absolutely km; The need for communication and signal cable will reach absolutely km. In such a context, it is not hard to see China's wire and cable industry challenges and opportunities coexist, cable companies only firmly grasp the opportunity, weatherwise, exclude malignant competition, through the merger and reorganization, increasing technology research and development, in-depth HTS cable cable industry, the high-tech can get considerable economic benefit, at the same time, improve the level of our country in the field of high temperature superconducting technology, the revitalization of the cable industry in our country.
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