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High risk guard could not over copper aluminum callback

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] High risk guard could not over copper aluminum callback sanewcable P, describe the high copper on Monday rushed back, continue to small step back, the highest, lowest, hk dollars, falls. %; Aaron aluminum highest, lowest, hk dollar, falling. %。 LME copper inventories to tons of aluminium inventories increased dramatically, to t, the dollar threshold. Yesterday in Shanghai continue to callback, the main contract is highest, lowest, closed, fall. %; Shanghai aluminum contract maximum, minimum, closed, fall. %。 Shanghai copper spot market price is falling, to, aluminum rise, to. Second, the market analysis in recent days with the improvement of U. S. economic data, as well as in Europe still exist uncertainty, launched a medium-term rebound, caused certain inhibition for commodities. Domestic liquidity tightening continues at the same time, today's domestic stock markets fell sharply. Also formed a certain % of non-ferrous plate braking action. Years home may have the features of power grid will be built up to line, far beyond the scale of year, would bring huge demand. Working in state grid company annual meeting at the same time, made it clear that 'twelfth five-year' three vertical and three horizontal uhv grid will construction in China power grid, in addition 'twelfth five-year' period, the state grid will also implement a new round of rural power grid upgrading project. The project will be made of copper in the next few years in our country only growing dependence, Chinese demand no change. Peru Cerro Verde copper union representative on Monday will be in talks with the mine employers, to try to avoid planned a strike on June 21. From the current market trends, Peru copper and even a strike can not bring more positive impact on the market. Years, China's auto sales breakthrough than, year-on-year growth of more than %. I'm afraid this blowout growth difficult to replicate in years, although we don't think the aluminium demand this year will appear so big reduction, aluminium demand as auto lightweight processes will further increase unit usage. Due to cold weather continued, as of the date, the central China power grid load in winter cumulative existing day more than hundred million kilowatts, coupled with the contradiction between supply and demand of coal gradually increased, so in a sichuan, hubei, henan, chongqing, hunan and jiangxi provinces and cities are becoming the most intense power supply situation of the country's regions. At present, the central China grid, the accumulative limit power. Million kilowatt hour, maximum limit electricity kilowatts, increasing and the limit of power. Analysis, head of the central China power grid corporation, said if coal situation had still not changed, to the end of the entire network coal inventories will drop to below ten thousand tons, save coal days less than day, there will be more thermal power unit shutdown. Winter support prices, even in the case of falling all over, Shanghai aluminum is still supported in all. Spot market: copper, electrolytic copper spot price discount of Shanghai yuan/ton to premium yuan/ton, smooth water copper price yuan/ton, copper clinch a deal the price premium yuan/ton, for small discount, speculators less arbitrage trading, downstream processors dips in the market to take goods increase, near the delivery, the shipper of expect backwardation, shipment will weaker, especially copper. Aluminum: Shanghai aluminum spot transaction price yuan/ton, premium, low iron aluminum yuan/ton, wuxi spot transaction price yuan/ton. Now aluminum price follow period sharply lower, slightly rised the supplier and waiting for the afternoon rebound opportunities, and the buyer to the afternoon looking the same, both sides differences appear weak overall market. Three, operation Suggestions yesterday in Shanghai is still in a state of adjustment, but main late back contract highs, suggests that the market does not reverse, but this does not mean the end of the short-term adjustment, Shanghai copper has the possibility of further back to the platform, the bulls can be a small amount of participation, at present still is given priority to with watching. Shanghai aluminum with the broader market fell yesterday, but the range is limited, the support is obvious, although the spot to fall, but mostly for Friday's fall, spot a tightening supply is becoming more and more serious. Before the weather improved, both for power supply and transport will support Shanghai aluminum prices is the main factor. http / / www。 sanewcable。 com
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