High performance phase splitting the feature analysis of the metal layer of power cable insulation

by:AAA     2020-04-11
( Industry news] High performance phase splitting the feature analysis of the metal layer of power cable insulation globledata P long running practice shows that even if the sheath intact, still there will be some water or water vapor permeability to the cable core. Therefore, the improvement in low voltage cable will block water three core cable for three block water single core cable structure effect is better. First the structure of the medium pressure resistance of water according to the single core cable production, then twisted into cables instead of three single core cable used three core cable. Block water can improve the cable structure is simple, the water-blocking effect is good, save the water-blocking material and cost, and good for improving the heat dissipation and carrying capacity of the cable, and manufacturing process is simple, easy installation and joint in construction process. This product can prevent the water into the cable, protective insulation wire core is dry, so as to prolong the service life of the cable. Split phase metal protecting layer block water power cable is a new structure of the product manufacturing process is simple, the product performance. High-performance split-phase metal layer of power cable insulation of the main technical indicators: (1) power line core technical indicators: conductor should be in accordance with GB/T of the species or the kind of metallized or metallized layer annealing copper conductor or aluminum, aluminum alloy conductor, or the first kind of bare copper or metallized layer annealing copper conductor. Insulation, metal shielding ( If any) , cabling, guard ( If any) , armored ( If any) Outside, meet the provisions of the relevant standards of GB/T. (2) split phase metal protecting layer technical indicators: after complete split-phase metal sheath, need to charging test of the cable, test should satisfy: cable filling the kPa dry air or nitrogen, in cable length within h after air pressure balance, pressure should not be reduced in the cable. (3) the comprehensive waterproof technology index finished cable of the cable for hours in the water, remove the insulating surface structure, use visual observation, insulation surface should be dry.
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