Held in changsha in hunan province nuclear power owned exchange

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] Changsha hunan nuclear countless seminars xiaoye P days, hunan changsha held a for the nuclear power equipment, such as wire and cable needs technical communication forums, a number of government officials involved in the discussion. The symposium on the development of nuclear industry carried on the thorough discussion, and the theme is related to nuclear power equipment, demand, including wire and cable, etc. At present, a batch of enterprises in the province are in accordance with the requirements for products of different application for nuclear safety certification. Development of domestic need, the need to import nuclear power equipment products, the implementation of hunan nuclear nuclear power equipment manufacturing enterprise product certification has become the hunan transformation equipment products manufacturing capacity, the optimization of product structure, technological structure, upgrade the important content. Hunan nuclear power manufacturing enterprises should implement the countries' equipment manufacturing adjust revitalization plan, in order to improve the independent research and development of nuclear power equipment, design, manufacture, sales and service level as the main line; Relying on the peach blossom river power plant construction of key projects, and stronger advantage products, develop new products, strive to improve the plant matching rate and the level of form a complete set, the province has certain characteristics of nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry. Meeting proposal, organization development and reform commission of hunan province domestic nuclear experts to visit hunan nuclear power manufacturing enterprises realize, on-site guidance. He stressed to foster a sense of opportunity, as the first nuclear power plant in central China, peach blossom river nuclear power plant construction, brings to the hunan very big opportunity. Hunan is a province, power consumption is also a lack of provincial TV university, along with the further advance of industrialization and urbanization, the electricity will be more nervous, plant construction will effectively solve the problem of power shortage of hunan way out. Is the power supply problem in hunan province has always been a difficult problem, and the development of the power supply system such as wire and cable network is also in the province of focus for a long time, so the development of nuclear power industry is of great significance for the local. Reproduced in: Beijing north Long Chen technology co. , LTD. HTTP / / WWW. bjcmdl。 cn/
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