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Heat iPhone China collapsed, apples also will switch the USB - C to 20 quick charge cable

by:AAA     2020-04-11
( Industry news] IPhone slump in China's heat, apples also will switch USBC to 20 quick charge cable yvhkdv P apple iPhone products start less and less attention in recent years, and other domestic brands: huawei, OV, millet are in focus, and the launch of boring iPhoneXS apple dropped significantly more, after the market badly shrunk, and the recently Research Longbow heat data released the latest iPhone, apple said in a vulnerable position now in China, Chinese users for the heat of the iPhone decrease very fast, apple has kept squeezing revealed the upcoming new plot, but also see how much traffic, killer by recently, foreign media said apple three new iphones trial-produce, or changing the charging interface with W quick charge, this is Chinese from three phone calls for a change, start to now is really not provoke any waves. As apple open USBC TO September 20 MFi authorization and the release of the IPHONE, apple certified manufacturers will usher in a small high tide, in addition TO the Chinese market, after all, the IPHONE, or the presence of heat, so the seller is bound TO have introduced the amazon China home apple fast filling line, but C connector for MFi cable, small and medium enterprises, is still far the delivery date, at present, apple's family have support rapid connector, C, C, C, C and C are the apple for exclusive use, C old already stop production, currently on the market for sale is apple for C, apple all MFi member enterprise informed C sample purchase architecture, samples and purchase orders already specified in the apple supplier AVNET and ARROW website online, C price for sample. $( About RMB yuan) For weeks, the delivery cycle, the sample purchase is the largest Pecs, it is important to note that purchasing the USBC to 20 ( C) Sample, you can go process obtains the PPID ( 产品计划ID) , apply for MFi PPID is a very important part of the certification process, with apple launch in September again launched USBC TO 20 MFi cable interface, the market will usher in change, will usher in more incoming, but we still prefer the TYPE C market. About the original TypeC TO 20 fast filling line, you want TO know are here. The company really started to decline? Signs seem to be that apple has begun to decline, and that really the case? Actually remember when Steve iPhone is popular, is just the start stage in mobile Internet, coupled with the android caton, old symbian, WM, made the iOS system apple mobile phone is the savior of the mobile Internet, however, the android system developed over the years, manufacturers are free to customize the open source way, combined with huawei, samsung these big innovations, lead to the heat of the iPhone is slowing, for many people, apple has launched haven't let a person shine at the moment, but no matter how to say, apple's technical strength is unchallenged, as apple has brought new features, such as fingerprint identification, D Touch fingerprint identification but also become the standard of smart phones nowadays, now really can let a person shine at the moment is fast one step of innovation is more and more difficult, in fact it is also the difficult point in the mobile phone industry. Apple's conference for the upcoming New Year fall, the industry said that if the iPhone to go now, of course, on the users perception level innovation is not big, so users abandon the brand will intensify, the second quarter of this year apple shipments less than ten thousand units in the Chinese market, market share is only. %, is one of the worst in recent quarter, in the quarter, to sell the iPhone is the best of XR, % of the total shipments, mainly rely on depreciate sales promotion for, for three new handsets to be published this year, this year if the new iPhone cannot do adjustment on the price in time, I'm afraid that apple will face no one want to buy in the Chinese market, for the upcoming new apple, do you expect?
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