Hard PVC sheathed termite cable were included in water conservancy and hydropower engineering standards

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] Hard PVC sheathed termite cable included in the water resources and hydropower engineering standard ckluo P this article reprinted from 【 The south cable network] In put forward by the Ministry of Water Resources in the cable design of water conservancy and hydropower engineering, puts forward clear requirements on termite cable, regulations' in termite cause serious damage to the region, the directly buried installation, appropriate USES rigid PVC sheathed and steel tape armoured cables'. In the standard does not specify the use of other physical or chemical method of termite cable, but simply to use pvc-u termite cable, very interesting. As is known to all, the current physical termite cable, mainly USES the modified hard polyolefin materials, such as Termigon ( Refund approved) , and chemical termite cable, mainly to add the termite agent PVC or PE material. Termigon termite effect is good, but the price is higher; and chemistry termite resistant materials, the validity of the ants has no definite term. Practice has proved, the effect of hard polyvinyl chloride termite cable is very good, and material price cheap, very suitable for the enormous quantity of water resources and hydropower engineering construction project, and the validity of the ants use synchronization with the life of the plastic.
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