Ha large high-speed electric heating cables against the snow and ice

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] Haerbin-dalian high-speed electric heating cables against ice knifeqiao P ha large high-speed rail use electric heating cables against the snow and ice, ha big high speed rail is the world's first operational cold high iron, this year to the third operation since the depths of winter. On the general situation of shenyang railway administration from the beginning of month, and in rolling stock, track, power supply equipment for all repairs, to ensure driving safety equipment for the winter. Confidence part points of internal combustion engine vehicles and sets electric locomotive heating, electric heating, dryer temperature control boxes and other electric heating equipment for the view and point temperature, and the attachment of internal combustion engine car drive by stage with a warm, the gap between the locomotive cab, mechanical thermal regulation, make the locomotive for the winter cold resistance can be greatly improved. Electric heating heating equipment high-speed snow melt and rain water discharge, reaching method can be used for water pipe insulation, frost and fire water pipe insulation. The working principle of its main: electric tracing band fever make up for the loss of heat pipe shell temperature difference between inside and outside. To reach the intention of the pipes freeze protection, only need to provide to line the lost quantity of heat, heat balance of the fluid, adhere to the pipe can keep the temperature constant. MI heating cable as the integration of all metal structure of electric tracing band products, it has the advantages of the explosion, fire prevention, waterproof, anti-corrosion, it is also need many airport runway and railway tracks. Where traditional self limiting temperature electric tracing band products tend to be of different condition because of various reasons the damaged, unnecessary for airport and railway safety hidden trouble.
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