Guizhou Carey in the next five years will throw 4 billion power grid construction

by:AAA     2020-04-15
( Industry news] Guizhou Carey in the next five years will cast million grid construction knifeqiao P learn from guizhou power grid power supply bureau co. , LTD. Kelly: during the agency 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in will invest one hundred million yuan to province regional power grid construction and upgrading will invest nearly hundred million years ago Mr Carey power grid will be the new kv substation increase kv substation capacity expansion. All kva construction kv line. Km; The new expansion increase - kv transformer substations transform kv transformer substation of substation capacity. All kva construction kv line. Km; New modified total length about kv lines. Km increases with variable volume. All kva. Kv new lines. Km kaili power supply bureau said it will go through five years of power grid construction to Carey grid will form supported by kv substation main power source with kv for backbone network frame kv kv for supplementary points of regional power grid structure and make the back mesh Jian exist kv He kv heavy overload circuits back to kv transformer substations kv He kv heavy overload heavy overload line station kv overloaded with all changeable resolved to optimize the structure of urban and rural power grids to eliminate industrial concentration zone 'bottleneck' of power supply comprehensive improve the integration of urban and rural areas and rural power grid power supply reliability. Anhui ocean computer cable manufacturer
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