Guangzhou cable: the British Norway collaboration to set up the world's longest submarine power cable

by:AAA     2020-09-14
FX168 of finance and economics newspaper ( Hong Kong) Britain power regulatory organization (Tuesday On October 19) Announce the plan, ensure utilities magnate the British national grid company in the next 25 years will achieve at least 53 million pounds of income, to repay the sum of 1. 4 billion pounds in the north sea undersea cable project funding. It is reported that the British national grid plan take 50% of the total amount in this project. The project will be in the UK between the Northumberland and Norwegian Kvilldal set up 450 miles of cable. This cable set can make Britain through the import or export up to 1. 4000 megawatts of electricity, equivalent to three-quarters of British family total electricity now. The power regulatory organizations together also funded by the cable in encouraging to its setting the corresponding the highest and the lowest price, to ensure that stakeholders can get reasonable profit and protect the interests of consumers. British power regulatory organization, thought, head of the submarine cable solution for UK consumers to supply more competitive power price. Relative to the national grid corporation, 1. 3 billion pounds of gain measured consumers will benefit from cheap electricity as much as 3. 5 billion pounds. In addition, the construction of the cable will have to make the UK from neighboring achieve a wider range of power supply, then can guarantee its domestic power supply. The British national grid company to measure the cable stature for 40 years. The cable will be run by the state grid corporation construction with the Norwegian state grid corporation.
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