Guangzhou cable: jiangsu wire and cable professional Internet development to be reckoned with

by:AAA     2020-09-14
Electric wire electric cable profession over the years in jiangsu province to develop agile, power of the Internet, but also to the wire and cable in jiangsu new impetus, follow the fashion of electricity, the Internet has and wire and cable professional fit closely, followed by China electric wire electric cable profession to develop agile, 2016 will continue to be the year of the development of Chinese wire and cable professional, quality is the key of the whole professional conduct, in the face of all the pressure of excess production capacity, Chinese national strategy of 'area' and equipped with speed up to go out will be electric wire electric cable profession supply new opportunities for China and the whole cable profession need to continue to work on 'internal strength' in quality. Follow the development of the science and technology, the rapid development of economy, the cable profession in traditional profession inside in the great battle. Cable profession profit fell sharply, and then attack living crisis. Scientists are attaches great importance to the company, in the present crisis together, such as in the company, product marketing and commodity production process, to seek effective sustained opportunities, has become a professional question worth considering. Now, the 'Internet' form is being sages of all walks of life, the cable profession also not an exception, fight, fight. But how to put the & quot; The Internet cable & quot; Creation into the mainstream of cable professional conduct, into renovation occupation harm, adhere to the company prosperous state power, it remains to be further discussed. China Internet though starting late 25 years than the United States, but the government strongly advocated 'active use, scientific development, in accordance with the law to deal with, to ensure safety' standards, make China's Internet took to the health. So far, China has now become a well-deserved international Internet powers, not only the most number of netizens all international, and Internet use, especially the use of electronic commerce, also one of the leading enterprises in the international. With the expansion of the scale of Internet use and amount of added, China has presented a large number of weak Internet companies, in the world's ten biggest Internet companies, China has four. China had the 'Internet' all the conditions. With big data, cloud accounting, Internet skills further, make the Internet more briefly into the most modern and efficient trading channel, so that the public Internet to Internet industry. Have, according to people over the years, the development of the Internet e-commerce skills is very agile, network to the influence of the growing, also in the changes from all walks of life together to carry out the strategy. With the development of the Internet changes the existing operating forms has been the trend of The Times. Of traditional cable professional complementary goods, to perfect the new cable and e-commerce channels, is a key way for the cable companies to carry out, can think the company develop a broad market at present, China in the electric wire electric cable profession market environment is very good, professional quality further progress of domestic steel and metal materials, instead of imports, the changes in China now only the types of cable can bear to the international market and to the level of competition, 70% of the cable types to yield level and the status of the level of progress. Ten years in the bag yesterday, the electric wire electric cable profession spent nearly one hundred million yuan to purchase special equipment for wire and cable, spent about 1. 5 billion yuan per year on average. Steel and a big proportion of metal materials, mainly steel, special steel and alloy materials. Dynamic trend of the Internet under the effect of the wire and cable to be reckoned with. Power of the Internet for a brief is through the Internet contact with wind, solar and other renewable power, quickly complete to share power. And wire and cable for power transmission belt transmission power, the effect is to be reckoned with. Wire and cable manufacturing economy plays a very important figure in China, now an annual output has surpassed 1. 2 trillion yuan. Wire and cable transmission power, electric power, and complete the electromagnetic energy transformation of wire products. In today's dynamic Internet rapidly carried out under the trend of electric wire electric cable profession also to try to accelerate, efforts to overcome the excess capacity, big but not strong and so on questions, fully catch opportunities brought Internet strategy, complete the power increase, intelligent production. Power transmission on the Internet is promoting the further development of the electric wire electric cable profession, and brought some action. Trend from the point of view, the birth of the power of the Internet will make the quotation of power is low, will cause the power produced to localization. The electric wire electric cable profession must dared stand, active exploration, as far as possible to prevent brought by the power of the Internet to carry out the bad luck. In 2016 China electric wire electric cable profession still will present high-end market vacancy, sunrise, with professional career in the growing competition, the company how to break out of it, commodity quality, skill set, used to store the path to produce base.
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