Guangdong cable association' Cable headlines today 】

by:AAA     2020-04-17
( Industry news] Guangdong cable association' Cable headlines today 】 Angusmr P (date) (month) (year)' Cable headlines today 】 Large market demand, which cable products? The first is in the use of overhead lines will be significantly increased; Building wiring output will also be %; New energy power cable market is not trivial; Solar photovoltaic cable market will also benefit. Submarine cable market will reach, car power cable will continue to grow. , renewable energy 'ambitious' thermal power around it; The New York times an article entitled, 'charged fog fixing capacity cancel a thermal power project in China, has caused much attention. To a certain extent, reflects the status quo of China's current energy use: renewable energy, 'ambitious' thermal power around it. , APS, promote China's cable enterprise management technology breakthrough innovation; Weeks old state, its life but a new, such as, and ancient as the new. Management is productivity, improving little by little every day new. Make APS intelligent manufacturing times now and in the future, as the demand of the fine control, the APS to cable industry management of technical change history stage.
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