Golden cup 'cable' was named the 12th excellent enterprise in hengyang

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] Jinbei cable 'was named the 12th excellent enterprise JBDL P hunan hengyang jinbei cable co. , LTD. , office building before ping firecrackers ring, in the festival of the waist drum sound, almost a hit the drum, waist drum players stepping the pace of the beautiful, singing and dancing, this is the hengyang hengyang city people's government awarded the 16th' excellent enterprise 'award - — Symbol is striving 'luck hong cow' sculpture was sent to the golden cup 'cable'. Golden cup 'cable' in the past year, actively fulfill the social responsibility, in growth, employment, maintaining social stability, etc, to do a lot of solid work, the enterprise to resist the spread of financial crisis and influence in the process of exploiting market grasp opportunities, achieve annual sales income, taxes, respectively than growth. %、. %, promote the harmonious development of enterprises. To month, over taxes respectively year-on-year growth. %。 Recommended by the city government and civil-operated unit, the municipal outstanding enterprises, outstanding entrepreneurs committee review, the municipal people's government agreed to, decided to award the hunan jinbei cable co. , LTD and other companies 'hengyang 16th outstanding enterprise' honorary title, and issue the certificate.
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