Golden cup 'cable' to perform the social responsibility of building a harmonious enterprise

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] Golden cup 'cable' to perform the social responsibility of building a harmonious enterprise JBDL P for staff to help the government share sorrows for social relief 'jinbei cable' to fulfill social responsibility in building a harmonious enterprise since the newly added more employment annual per capita income growth. % of hunan jinbei cable co. , LTD. ( The original hengyang cable factory) In the face of the international financial crisis spread and influence, the company people-oriented, fulfill social responsibility, to build a harmonious enterprise, 'employment and maintaining stability, growth', moves fast, aggressive, effect is good, has made remarkable achievements. Company production value, sales income, taxes, respectively, year-on-year growth. %、. %、. %, facing the historical rare difficulties and challenges, the company staff as enterprise's precious wealth, in the interests of employees, help the government to share sorrows, for social relief, adhere to the social responsibilities, the responsibility for employees as the first responsibility of the enterprise, the safeguard legitimate rights and interests of employees, especially protect the rights of the employee's employment as the first task of fulfilling social responsibility. Enterprises implement the 'four', that is, not the workers; Don't reduce compensation; Don't reduce welfare treatment; Don't reduce the staff of the difficulties of rescue. In the pursuit of enterprise value maximization of consciously fulfill social responsibility at the same time, companies are not only not cutting staff, since more than new recruiting employees; Employees not only did not reduce the compensation, annual per capita income growth. %。 'Jinbei cable' and all the staff in the financial crisis, seize the opportunity, realize the turnaround, create life, companies to adjust product structure, strengthen the technical innovation, strengthening internal management, new product development countermeasures, such as, formulate and implement step by step practical effective measures: one is to enhance the consciousness of hardship and the sense of crisis, the enterprise staff initiative to think some more difficult, complicated, will seriously consequences to measure some, dealing with the difficulties in the spirit of struggle. 2 it is to see opportunity in the challenge. As the financial crisis on the impact of the industry, is the enterprise to expand product market opportunities; Is to strengthen the technological transformation of opportunities; But also the opportunity of adjustment of product structure and strengthening the internal management of enterprises opportunity. Three is based on the market as the center, to cherish, cherish the contract market, all the staff work actively, rapid response, rapid action, be precise, the pre-sale service to high technology, test and service work in docking, key contracts, create favorable conditions for the key industry market. Fourth, hard skills, innovation and development. Company strengthen the consciousness of cost control, potentialities and efficiency; Deepen the basic management, optimize service process; Open source throttling, compress all not reasonable costs and expenses. Jinbei cable 'in against the international financial crisis, with the enterprise staff with one in the same boat; To seize opportunities, scientific and technological innovation, we intensified the efforts on technical renovation; To fully arouse the enthusiasm of the employees, initiative and creativity, played a potential employees, enhance the cohesive affinity of the enterprise, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise; To withstand the financial crisis from spreading and influence, promote the harmonious development of enterprises.
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