Global workforce continues to shrink intelligent robot market demand will be growing fast

by:AAA     2020-04-12
( Industry news] Global workforce continues to shrink intelligent robot market demand will be growing fast hrconn P in recent years, China's manufacturing cost is higher than the southeast Asia, South Asia and eastern Europe and other regions, not only manufacturing cost at the same time as the United States, at this stage in the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta region as the whole China's manufacturing costs of the highest areas, thus to promote China's demand for industrial robot market growth. TrendForce its extension 墣 industry research analyst pat Veda, said although China robot manufacturers research and development of technology and strength, in addition to China's specific manufacturers supplies, industrial robots, still need to introduce the foreign companies in order to reduce the labor costs continued to rise. With the 'made in China' put forward by the Chinese, the robot is listed as one of China's top ten key drive field, and intelligent robot more become the guidelines for transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry development in future. < div =“中心”对齐> < / div在全球劳动人口持续缩减少,工资不断上满趋势下,全球制造业与服务行业等范畴转帐资金设备名市场原因也跟著水满船高。 全球主要国家因此积极发展智能设备名,产业水平相继推各项相关产业政策,例子如德国率先推动工业。 , Japan's 'new robot strategy', 'advanced manufacturing partnership (in the United States AMP) ', and 'made in China' and so on, China put forward intelligent robot undoubtedly become the world's major countries development priority and mission. 以德国推动工业。 , for example, is to concentrate various USES of robots in a precision machinery manufacturing factory in the job, by the Internet of things, such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing, only a handful of senior technical manpower to control, can improve the flexibility of production and efficiency, and greatly reduce the cost, prompting manufacturing to stay in Germany, to ensure steady economic growth. 随著人工智能与云端运算科技的快速发展,包括新创公司,it大厂等,均投入开发能与人类简单互动,协助人类智能型服役设备名,例子如日本的火车大厂本田发展以两足仪式人型机器,软银pepper机器人力问世,赶上三越百货引进柜台接待美女机器人等,而日本政府更积极推广护士设备名发展,以期解决日本爱护士人力短家常菜问题。 柏德葳进步指出来,全球设备名大厂与新创企业等,都将持成立及云端结合物联网络科技投入的智能设备名技术开发与销售,无论制造行业或服务行业等所引入的智能设备名市场规模,拓墣预估爱~年复合成长率约百分之新近成立。 全球市场研究机构trendforce进击拓墣产业研究所将在年月日,于台大国时会议中心举办“工业。 风气兴学习智能设备名应用研讨会商机”。 书次研讨会将针转帐资金应用及工业设备名。 时代未来发展趋势进行侦探讨,除了拓墣产业研究所分析师将在会中发表最新研究,更邀请到国内各大相关厂商来到现场,和各位与会嘉宾分享业界最新市场趋势。
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