Global copper demand will reach 37. 2 million tons in 2019

by:AAA     2020-04-11
( Industry news] Global copper demand will reach ten thousand tons of useful P & lt; div> < / div> < div> < div类= ' pad_ ' id =“divcontent”风格= '填充px; liststyle没有; 边缘像素; color rgb( ,,) ; fontfamily & #; Song typeface Arial SimHei & #; ; px fontsize; 写成backgroundcolor rgb ( ,,) ; '> global copper demand will reach ten thousand tons [ Cable network - 】 Latest Research report, according to Research and Markets in the global copper demand will reach ten thousand tons, during the compound annual growth rate of about. %。 The rapid development of construction industry is for copper wire, copper and other copper rolling products one of the main factors of rising market demand. Second, the electric power infrastructure spending increases, transmission and distribution system of modernization upgrade drive demand for copper copper, especially in developing countries, will further positive copper supplier. In addition, the gradual recovery in global manufacturing also have further demand for copper, including industrial machinery, household electrical appliances and other durable goods. However, alternative materials to bring the competitive threat persists, such as plastic pipe material application in industrial field, to a certain extent, inhibit the copper demand increase. < / div> < /div>
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