Glass surface defect detection system online

by:AAA     2020-04-12
( Industry news] Glass surface defects detection system online JDS P articles from the network, more information, please click on the machine vision system HTTP / / WWW. jiandaoshi。 Com/product overview in the actual production of the glass in the process, due to the influence of various factors, the surface of the glass will appear defects such as holes, mosquito, black spots, spots, seriously affecting the quality of the film. The human eye can not be timely and accurately judge the flaw, the MVC glass surface defect online detection system can on-line surface defects of production process of high speed, precise detection, effectively save the cost, improve the quality of the product. Technical parameters of test object: float glass, coated glass, toughened glass, optical glass, automotive glass, LCD glass, etc. ; Test content: pits, scratches, dust, black spots, mosquito, etc. ; Detection speed: according to the actual production line speed; Detection width: according to the actual production line width; : the detection precision. 毫米。 * mm( According to the configuration of the camera) ; The solution: screenshots acousto-optic alarm, defects classification, automatic recording location, images, the preservation and retrieval; Detection: according to the light transmittance of the different options are polishing or back lighting; Other configuration: marking machine - Optional) ; Note: the edge of the glass test questions;
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