'Geological museum' tunnel electric heating road de-icing de-icing technology

by:AAA     2020-04-22
( Industry news] 'Geological museum' tunnel electric heating road de-icing de-icing technology knifeqiao P 'geological museum' tunnel electric heating road de-icing de-icing technology introduction, lianyungang to huoerguos highway in gansu province in our country there is a highest tunnel group - — Group of wuxiaoling tunnel, because length of tunnel with dense, long, difficult to build a road, back and forth over years to overcome various difficulties, success through the wuxiaoling, once road construction personnel have image here called the 'geological museum'. As is known to all, the common characteristics of the tunnel is damp, especially in coastal area of Inner Mongolia plateau, loess plateau, the qinghai-tibet plateau of wuxiaoling tunnel, in the northern mountainous area under the condition of low winter temperatures, tunnel pipeline where if there is a snow and ice would be easy to produce frozen wall, the hole the snow outside, inside the, adverse influence on the tunnel safety, in order to eliminate the bad weather for the safety hidden danger of tunnel safety, experts suggest using electric heating melting technology. First of all, through the analysis on the surrounding environment it is concluded that the use of tandem electric tracing band, the electric tracing under the heat pipe embedded in tunnel portal section of the road, and then USES electric tropical through embedded galvanized tubes, make the cables connected to the mouth of the electric control box, achieve the goal of the adjustment of the real-time control the hole temperature. Due to the melting device embedded in the hole under the section of concrete pavement, good safety and does not affect the road capacity, can effectively guarantee the tunnel portal section of the road surface temperature keep in ℃ above and should not be frozen water, can be adjusted according to environment temperature real-time control, reduce electric energy consumption. Electric heating melting snow in the successful application of wuxiaoling tunnel, fills in high altitude and cold area tunnel entrance section of antifreezing technology gaps, for applications in the field of electric heat tracing in the accumulation of experience.
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