General cable to launch a new high-speed cable industry

by:AAA     2020-04-04
( Industry news] General cable to launch a new high-speed industrial cable heibaocjp P' Cable network - 】 Recently, gm announced in the introduction of low voltage cable industrial cable of high speed, low Xtra friction ( XLF) The production line. High-speed XLF cable using general cable for fast simple installation of new high technology and the latest lead-free EPR ( Ethylene propylene rubber) Insulation technology. General cable, high-speed XLF technology can significantly reduce the tension of the installation, compared with standard cable can reduce %, make it easier and safer to install into the duct, pipe and cable trough, thus saving time for electrical contractors, labor and money. Into the lead-free EPR insulation makes a general cable v, kv and kv voltage industrial cables in accordance with the requirements of the ROHS. 'High-speed XLF sheath technology brought the real cost savings, for electrical contractor for the project planning and installation phase increased flexibility. 'General cable industry product manager Kris Morrow says,' electrical contractor able to benefit from the installation efficiency, because the installation efficiency directly affect earnings, and can help meet stringent project deadline. ”
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