Gansu power cable sampling unqualified rate reached 50%

by:AAA     2020-02-28
The power grid operates safely and stably, and equipment quality and safety are the foundation. Recently, Gansu Electric Power Company held the first monthly coordination meeting on special quality supervision of distribution transformers and power cables in 2013 in Lanzhou to standardize the quality supervision work flow and prevent unqualified products from entering the network, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid. The meeting announced the test results of the first batch of 6 cable samples commissioned by the Gansu Provincial Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center this year. According to the sampling plan, a total of 6 cable samples were sent for inspection in the first batch, and 3 cable samples were judged as unqualified, and the unqualified rate of the samples reached 50%. Since this year, according to the unified deployment of the State Grid Corporation, Gansu Electric Power Company has formulated and issued the 'special quality supervision work plan for distribution transformers and power cables in 2013' in a timely manner. and organize the distribution transformers supplied during January 1 to November 30, 2013 and 10- Special quality sampling inspection was carried out on 35kV power cables. According to the arrangement of Gansu Electric Power, the provincial electric power company's material supply company and various power supply units worked closely together to organize and carry out special sampling inspection of distribution transformers and cables in a timely manner. It is understood that the three cables tested as unqualified products are all products of Wuxi Shuguang Cable Co. , Ltd. with a total length of about 1. 38 kilometers, the contract price reached 89. 70 thousand yuan. Gansu Electric Power Company made a decision on the suppliers of three unqualified cables to immediately exchange goods, suspend payment and suspend the handling of sales targets, saving Gansu Electric Power by nearly one million yuan in economic losses.
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