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From the development view of focus on 'twelfth five-year' wire and cable demand oriented

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] From the development view of focus on 'twelfth five-year' wire and cable demand oriented sanewcable P in the future, China's cable industry development speed will be faster than the GDP development, achieve % % and above. Cable industry demand mainly comes from the following factors: ( A) Construction of strong smart grid will provide broad market demand for industry and innovation space: five-year 'is the overall goal of power grid development: the construction of high voltage network in backbone network frame, power grid coordinate development at all levels, has information, automation, interaction characteristic, safe and reliable, economic, efficient, clean environmental protection, transparent, open and friendly interactive unified strong smart grid, power grid from the traditional to the modern power grid upgrading and cross. To years, built a strong northwest, northeast sending power grid and the 'three hua' of uhv power grid by the end, optimal allocation of grid resource capacity greatly increased. Key cities for the formation of a strong, ) Kv, kv ZhuWangJia and kv, ) Kv partition power supply network structure. Rural power grids completed kv substation as the hub of kv ( Kv) ZhuWangJia, county power grid, the key users achieve dual power supply. The basic form of smart grid operation control and interactive service system, achieve a major breakthrough in the key technology and equipment. The size of the power grid construction and major change in the way of development, will bring to industry demand and innovation space. ( 2) Trend of urbanization is an important factor to support the long-term development of the industry: the process of reform and opening up, in a sense is the rural population gradually shift to urban gradual process, also is the process of urbanization. Has 30 years of reform and opening-up, the urbanization rate in years. % to years. %, the cumulative increased. Percentage, made great achievements, but compared with developed countries % level, there is still a great potential for development. At the end of the central economic work conference held to urbanization are the key points in expanding domestic demand structural adjustment, gives new meaning of urbanization and the mission. Urbanization and the consequent trend of industrialization, rigid demand will bring lasting for power cable industry, guarantee the sustainable development of the industry and growth. Urbanization makes the construction industry at the beginning of the century become one of pillar industries in our country, it will give building wire and other electrical equipment opportunities brought by the cables. High-rise building development demand for cable: during the late '15' is expected to '11th five-year' national need at least the elevator cable km flat cable or km round rubber cable. Urban construction development demand for cable, with the standardization of the architectural design and construction, dosage of BV line more, and the cross section than in the past, are widely used. Mm and above cross-sectional area of the product. Commercial high-rise building power line sectional area sometimes can reach the mm. In order to satisfy the requirement of the building fire retardant, there will be absolutely km flame retardant cable with every year. 。 Thousands of kilometers demand of fireproof cables, the usage is far less than that. ( 3) Power cable industry benefit from railway investment and the subway construction project: year, country to stimulate the economy will continue to implement the policy of stimulating domestic demand, including railway and rail transit, etc, all kinds of infrastructure investment will remain in power. National railway work conference pointed out that in the years of national railway plan of investment in fixed assets, one hundred million yuan, including basic construction investment, one hundred million yuan. In the future years, our country will start construction of a batch of new, new railway put into production. Thousands of kilometers, also in the annual investment scale, one hundred million yuan. In terms of urban rail transit, as of the end of the year, has around a city prepares for the construction of urban rail transit, the city orbit transportation construction programming has won approval of the State Council. According to the city planning have been approved, to years before and after the construction of rail transit routes, chief as well. Km,, with a total investment of one hundred million yuan, total mileage than at present. The total mileage in operation and under construction. The railway investment and the subway construction project will bring huge orders for power cable industry, become the support industry in the next few years the rapid development of the backbone of the force. ( 4) Wind the huge development space become the new bright spot for power cable market demand: wind power as the state encourages the development of clean energy, in investment. Formally implemented as in the renewable energy law and the annual 'renewable energy development '11th five-year plan', related, feed-in tariff and grid-connected renewable energy cost allocation, financial subsidies and tax breaks and other supporting policies, improve and implement China years accumulative total installed capacity of kilowatts, the new power capacity of more than years ago installed capacity of the sum of the calendar year, predicts the end of China's total installed capacity of wind power will reach kilowatts, is expected to overtake Germany and Spain, after the United States. Longer term, China's wind power installed capacity in planning by kilowatts is already raised to tens to hundred million kilowatts, huge potential for future development. Huge development space of the wind power has become become an increment of power cable market demand factors. ( 5) Mechanical and electrical industry economic development on the electrical wiring requirements: automobile industry will become the new economic growth point in our country, it will bring rapid development to automotive cable and enameled wire. Industrial development will increase the dosage of motor, the winding line is expected to have a low speed steady development, it is important to note the motor insulation class from class B to F upgrading transformation will speed up enameled wire. In addition, the improvement of living standards of rural and urban construction, will drive the further popularization and development of the electrical appliances product, to further development of electromagnetic wire and other wire products market. http / / www。 sanewcable。 com
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