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Frequency conversion motor special cable

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] Frequency conversion motor dedicated cable sanewcable P frequency conversion device of energy-saving effect obviously, in the high power motor adopts frequency conversion motor, the generator can power saving %. And using frequency control of motor speed, realizes the motor soft start, make the motor work smoothly, motor bearing wear, prolong the service life of the motor and the maintenance cycle. Therefore, frequency control of motor speed technology in petroleum, metallurgy, power generation, railway, mining industry has been widely used. For. / KW and special wire and cable, the frequency conversion motor and symmetric + core and core cable can only be used for the main power input cable, but it is best to use the symmetric structure of cable. Inverter and frequency conversion motor ask cable all needs to adopt symmetrical cable structure, symmetrical cable structure in both core and + core, + cable structure is a small four to three core insulation wire core in the fourth core ( Neutral wire core) Broken down into three smaller cross section of insulated wire core, the three big three symmetrical string cable core cable. Total shielding structure can be combined using copper wire copper strip block, copper wire braided shielding copper wire, copper tape screened, braided copper tape screened, shield section and the main core section according to certain proportion. 。 Frequency conversion motor/kV and below special wire and cable shielding generally adopt total shielding, special cable shielding/kV inverter motor consists of split phase mask and the total shielding, shielding can generally be split phase adopts copper tape screened or copper wire copper strip composite shielding. The structure of shielded cable is poor resistance to electromagnetic induction and grounding and the power cord conducted interference, reduce the inductance, prevent induction electromotive force is too large. Shield both plays to inhibit the action of the electromagnetic wave of foreign emission, and can be used as a short circuit current channel, can protect the neutral wire core. For/kV variable frequency motor is special cable, the cable structure are different from/kV normal power cable, ordinary power cable is after three insulation wire core adopts copper tape screened cable, special cable is made by copper wire and frequency conversion motor copper tape screened after extruded phase splitting the sheath, and symmetric cabling, symmetrical cable structure due to the compatibility of the wire, there is a better electromagnetic compatibility, play a role to suppress electromagnetic interference, can offset the odd frequency and high order harmonic of bel dedicated cable anti-interference improve frequency conversion motor, reduce the electromagnetic radiation in the whole system. Special cable/kV frequency conversion motor, considering the cables, external force is often in the process of using radial outside the cable shielding layer increased galvanized steel tape armoured layer ( Between the shielding layer and steel tape armoured layer of sleeve) 。 Steel tape armoured mainly as the radial mechanical protection layer of the cable, and it also have additional total shielding effect, especially steel tape armoured and copper wire, copper tape screened, is adopted two different shielding materials, play a complementary role in electromagnetic wave shielding, shielding effect will be better. http / / www。 sanewcable。 Com [sanewcable edited]
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