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Fluorine plastic insulated wire and cable are to be eliminated

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] Fluorine plastic insulated wire and cable are eliminated day Hao P in the world today, it is widely concerned with characteristics of low smoke zero halogen wire and cable, and the understanding of halogen is limited to PVC in chlorine and release of hydrogen chloride gas during burning, ignored the fluorine is larger than the toxicity of HCL gas. At present, wire and cable products applied the most were FEP ( Fep) 。 FEP, of course, have very strong fire retardancy, before burning smoke decomposition can tolerate than ℃, the temperature of the halogen-free cable highest bearable than usual ℃ temperature is several times higher. Therefore, FEP is widely used in high temperature wire and cable, it is also very suitable for production of high speed data transmission cable, is widely used in five types of cabling system. Experiments show, however, FEP cable combustion would release a colorless, tasteless, but toxicity was stronger than HCL gas, its toxicity is PVC. Times, it is LSOH The Times of the cable. Scientists in the United States put the gas into fluorine phosgene, is a highly poisonous gas. Treatment, low smoke zero halogen wire and cable's opinions in Europe and the United States are different. Common European attaches great importance to the wire and cable of the burning speed, the density of smoke and toxic gases, while the United States mainly attaches great importance to the combustion rate and smoke density, do not take the toxic gas, the reason is not clear. In the comprehensive promotion of low smoke zero halogen wire and cable today, still in use in some American standard fluorine plastic as wire and cable insulation, even some U. S. military standard wire and cable products, also with the provisions of fluorine plastic insulation. Some people think that, with the industrial antitrust standards about control and manipulation of wire and cable products. Europe in some countries, the standard is different, in order to meet strict specifications of toxicity, cable manufacturer shall not use halogen, but with the metal hydroxide added to the material in polyethylene and polyethylene cable insulation. When heated, this kind of wire and cable only send out a minor smoke toxicity is very small. In the face of the increasingly stringent environmental requirements, fluorine plastic insulated wire and cable are eliminated. Especially the integrated wiring wire and cable, fluorine plastic insulated wire and cable are being eliminated.
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