Flame retardant cable will make tremendous contribution to the development of transportation in our country

by:AAA     2020-04-20
( Industry news] Flame retardant cable will be for our country to make tremendous contribution to the development of traffic SXXLJT P as China's economic take-off and the rapid advance of urbanization, the population of large and medium-sized cities in the sharp increase unceasingly, urban traffic demand has become, then the subway construction has become the focus and attention of municipal projects. In the city life, the subway is playing an increasingly important and irreplaceable role, has become more and more people to the main way to travel, to guarantee the healthy safely subway operation has become a big people's livelihood project. In a lot of security of metro operation, power supply can be said to be the top priority. As is known to all, the subway is by electricity the electric traction train, the power source is electricity. And, apart from the train and subway want to run must also have a series of supporting facilities, including lighting, ventilation, air conditioning, water drainage, communication, signal and disaster prevention alarm and escalators, and so on, are all need electricity. In the subway system, the importance of the electricity is self-evident, safe and reliable power supply is an important premise of the normal operation of the subway. Metro power supply system is not only very large and very complicated, there are many characteristics of power supply, so the subway is also beyond the ordinary cable standards and requirements, while the flame retardant cable because of their excellent comprehensive performance got the favour of many subway builder. Known as the subway operation demand for electricity is great, therefore, along the lines set with traction substation and step-down substation. And copper as nature sprocket performance after silver metal, its conductivity is about aluminum quality. Times, the current capacity is bigger, better able to load the subway operation brought about by the huge power capacity, to meet, including train and its complete set of supporting facilities, all electric equipment of electricity demand. In addition, during the process of metro operation, stop by station need to start and stop again and again, the impact of power load for sure there is a certain test cable performance. In addition to these characteristics, and copper cable to frequent change of current also has a stronger ability to adapt, to bear the brunt of the impact load. In the power supply system of metro, the length of cable are generally bigger, this inevitably exist pressure drop and heat power of these conditions. Heating cable is easy to cause joint looseness, this also is one of the important hidden danger of fire. As, in the same situation to flame retardant cable can greatly reduce the line heating, improve the efficiency of electricity, and the lower resistance also help reduce line drop situation, so as to improve the power quality of power supply system of metro, also can significantly reduce the risk of equipment damage. Special here it is worth mentioning that the subway of cable laying and maintenance is carried out in the tunnel, the space is narrow, the environment is more complex, it is put forward on the performance of the cable material more stringent requirements. Relatively than the aluminium cable is easy to be broken when bending the situation, the flexibility of the flame retardant cable must be better and anti-fatigue performance must be stronger, complex and diverse environments in subway is more applicable. And the stability of the copper cable performance is good, even the high temperature or damp underground environment is not easy to corrode, long-term use of also won't affect performance, also is very not easy to produce safe hidden trouble. Is the so-called 'security heavier than mount tai', metro project is also so, copper cable itself as the world's most widely used within the scope of cable, in metro power supply system is playing an irreplaceable role. Metro's health and can not have fault, whatever light can cause the subway speed limit or stop, give folks who travel inconvenient, serious when will endanger the life property safety of the passengers. Then there will be many a metro construction in China, the flame retardant cable also there will be more 'place', to provide security for the Chinese subway utilization.
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