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Flame retardant cable product features and specifications sheet

by:AAA     2020-04-23
( Industry news] Flame retardant cable product features and specifications sheet to urinate SXXLJT P this article will provide flame-retardant cable product features, to help them better understand flame retardant cable, this product also facilitate everybody can use it correctly in the future. Product features: (flame retardant cable ) Fireproof performance: as the mineral cables are all made of inorganic composition, its itself is not fire, fuel could not burn or, more will not produce poisonous gas, even if outside of a heart burning with fire cable still can work normally. After the fire completely remove cable products also need not be replaced, this is a real fire cable products, in the external provides a foolproof security line, through the international electrotechnical commission boasts one of the most stringent IEC experiment. ( ) Carrying capacity is big, because the mineral insulated cable products under normal circumstances use ℃ temperature can reach. IEC regulations of various mineral insulated cable specifications ℃ continuous working temperature of the product. This is considering the terminal sealing material and security needs. Even so, its carrying capacity is far more than other cable, because of magnesium oxide powder is more excellent than plastic coefficient of conductor, under the same working temperature, withholding amount is bigger, for those mm above the line, you can reduce a cross section, face to the places where are not allowed to contact, you can reduce the two cross section. ( ) Waterproof, riot, corrosion resistance, because the cable is high low smoke zero halogen flame retardant materials as sheath, it has very high corrosion resistance, The plastic outer sheath is only on very special occasions) will be required , conductor, insulation and sheath density pressure among entities, cause the cable specifications of the products not only have to prevent moisture, oil and other chemicals, more will be used for the explosion dangerous place and used for various explosion-proof equipment, equipment in the attachment. ( ) Overload protection circuit overload, plastic cable can lead to heat insulation for over current or voltage or breakdown. For mineral insulated cable, just at the time of fever not reached the melting temperature of copper, the cable will not damage. Even instant breakdown happens, dared ask of magnesium oxide breakdown points also won't form carbides. Overload is cleared, the performance of cable products will not change, still can be used normally. ( ) High working temperature due to the insulating layer much higher melting point temperature of magnesium oxide copper melting point temperature, the highest working temperature of cable specifications products can achieve ℃. Short term can be close to the melting point of copper continue to operate under temperature ℃. ( ) Shielding performance strong copper sheath cable products for the best shielding cover, to prevent possible interference with other cables, cable itself can also prevent interference of external magnetic field on its own. ( ) Long life due to cable mostly consists of inorganic materials, and thus do not grow old, and its service life can reach more than one hundred lowest. And the only or the cable can be associated with equipment line transformation to tear open outfit, repeated use. ( ) Small diameter, light weight, and compared with rules of plastic material, compared with mineral insulated cable diameter will be small %, with % reduction in weight, both to reduce the footprint, and easy installation. ( ) High radiation resistance due to the cable specifications of product materials are inorganic substances, and has effective neutron capture cross section, and keep high insulation resistance, so that it can withstand radiation, but the electrical and mechanical properties of the cable will not have a little change. ( ) Security, environmental protection because of cable material for inorganic matter, does not contain any organic matter, and cable even in ℃ or more barbecue or put in the flame of copper has damaged sex, also won't produce a little smoke, more will not produce any toxic gases harm humans. The cable can truly realize the green protection, there is no 'secondary disasters' can secure high products. ( ) Resistant to mechanical damage as a result of the cable metal sheath has a certain strength and toughness, magnesium oxide in the process of cable is highly compressed, this also leads to the cable specifications products such as subjected to bending, flattening, reverse deformation, the opposite position between the core and sheath is still remain the same, won't produce short circuit, also won't produce any electrical performance, under the condition of the cable diameter deformation two-thirds can still work normally. ( ) Bending performance is good because the product after fully return cable specifications and its general plastic cable can be bending over. Minimum bending radius for the radius of the cable only for times the cable diameter. Bending and can be repeated many times. ( ) Good grounding mineral insulated cable due to the continuity of the sheath and extremely low grounding resistance. So the earth wire can be used as a conductor for, don't need to get independent grounding conductor. That is about the characteristics of the flame retardant cable products of the small make up summary and its cable specifications table information. We can according to the specifications table pick cable specifications of products you need, then according to the characteristics of the product to use them correctly. Click to view flame retardant cable specifications sheet. [SXXLJT edited] [SXXLJT in edited]
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