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Five-year power equipment needs a breakthrough in the seven - in our country 2

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Five-year power equipment in our country needs a breakthrough in the seven sanewcable P is the third nuclear power equipment. Under pressure from energy conservation and emissions reduction, for the great development trend of nuclear power industry has reached a consensus. And the most concern is the safety of nuclear power development issue, the particularity of nuclear power so that its any a small mistake can be fatal error, a huge negative impact on the industry, it puts forward high requirements for related equipment manufacturing level. 'In terms of nuclear power equipment production, our country's three big power, two juki, and other enterprises have done a lot of effort, in terms of production capacity, there is no problem, but I really dare not say what we do now is absolutely good. 'Li zhi said earnestly,' third generation nuclear power plant units required AP with castings and forgings, for example, although our country has been able to production, but also can't do every doing a product is qualified. And because there is no independent intellectual property rights nuclear power equipment in China, and are difficult to export we should cultivate their own core competitiveness. 'The fourth is the conventional electric power equipment there are still many problems unsolved, such as power plant auxiliary equipment, such as gas turbine localization problem. It is understood that at present, China's coal-fired power plant boiler, steam turbine and steam turbine generator three hosts have achieved localization, but has to be imported a large number of auxiliary equipment, such as valves, pipes, etc. According to li zhi, the department has recently adopted a power plant, units to implement localization work of valves and piping. In addition, 'gas turbine is also a' heart ', in the field of energy, so to speak, if gas turbine cannot implement localization, then adjust the power structure is meaningless. Through independent research and development, and cooperation with foreign enterprises, our country has already can complete % ~ % of gas turbine manufacture, but I don't grasp core technology. We are determined, must during the '12th five-year' achieve a major breakthrough. 'Li zhi said. Fifth, load, energy storage problem. Pumped storage is our country at present the main way of regulating mode and energy storage, so 'twelfth five-year' period, to solve the problem of large scale energy storage need to vigorously develop pumped storage project. At present our country has been achieved in addition to the control system of main equipment localization, still need to further efforts. The sixth, and energy equipment manufacturing industry in our country has not been involved in many fields. Such as coal, oil, coalbed methane exploration and mining equipment, Marine engineering equipment, etc. , these aspects need to intensify development. The seventh is the smart grid, uhv equipment manufacturing needed by the engineering construction. 'In terms of the smart grid, our country has a large number of equipment also not line. In the past China's machinery industry division of labor is very fine, the primary equipment and secondary equipment is separated, and equipment needed for the smart grid requires combination of primary, secondary, the problem to be solved. 'Li zhi said. http / / www。 sanewcable。 com
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