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Fiber optic cable 30% growth rate in the domestic market

by:AAA     2020-04-21
( Industry news] Domestic market growth rate of fiber optic cable Hao P % days in the first half of this year, mainly China mobile and China netcom domestic operators in activity % ~ % higher than the same period last year, and has a digital display, this trend will continue in the second half. That is to say, in the domestic cable present dramatically increase the size of the market than last year had become a reality. Experts pointed out that in terms of the global environment, optical fiber cable market has entered a relatively active growth. KDDI, Japan announced its merger with Tokyo electric power will be optical fiber business, promoting business deployment of optical fiber. Two months later, the two sides began FTTH business called 'light ONE'. NTTDoCoMo, meanwhile, has set a goal, in the years before to optical fiber network users, accounting for half of the total number of users. In neighboring South Korea, South Korea telecom, after the successful application of DWDM again recently announced ten thousand line order DWDM access devices. Shortly after, the U. S. wireless carriers Verizon announced its GPON equipment suppliers, became the first deployment of GPON operators. AT& T is also planned with its near Houston a FTTP to thousands of community projects, and this is only the Lightspeed part of the plan. In addition, Britain, France, Italy and other European countries the most operators are also increasing the purchasing power of the fiber optic cable, and related components. Expert analysis, the global market, mainly because of operators in considering its own network upgrading and new business requirements. Such as some European fixed network operators at the core of the network and transport network has arrived and upgrading, and North America and Asia's broadband business market demand become the main two forces of the optical fiber cable market. Affected by the global climate, a surge in demand for fiber optic cable market China's communications market and it is not surprising.
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