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Fiber cable industry in the market downturn in nearly three years after the corner

by:AAA     2020-04-20
( Industry news] Fiber cable industry in nearly three years of market downturn will turn green Volkswagen beetle P optical fiber cable industry after nearly three years of market downturn, in years, with the development of FTTH, G and NGN will corner. This is the national telecommunication cable and optical fiber cable expert committee convened recently revealed all the committee members meeting information. Sponsored by the China electrical equipment industry association wire and cable branch, hubei kile technology company to undertake the industry conference, in view of the rising industry in the face of market demand issues such as how to get the new situation of rapid development and related discussions, consensus, the delegates think it is imperative that the enhancement enterprise's capacity for independent innovation. According to understand, as the telecommunications network 'bubble' burst, global communication optical cable market, especially in optical fiber cable market appeared an unprecedented depression in nearly three years, can lead to the development of industry has been slow. But recent indications that, bottomed out, a return to growth, will become the future communication DianLanYe light melody. Last year, according to the latest industry statistics, the optical fiber cable market global demand growth %, metropolitan area network, access network and home network such as optical fiber dosage increases obviously. In recent years, rendering the G, FTTH, NGN, such as new sources of growth, will bring communications market recovery. As this year is expected to G licences issued in our country, and the development of FTTH and NGN will further boost the communication optical cable market demand. The huge market space, communication optical cable industry for talents, technology, capital and other factors of production to create good conditions. The delegates feel, industry present situation is not optimistic. Now with enterprise as the main body of technology innovation and system lags behind the economic development, the key technology in the field of communication optical cable manufacture in China had been for a long time, seriously restricted the communication optical cable manufacture in China to develop in the direction of high-end technology and high-end brand products. Add to less competent people with high technical content, the optical fiber preform are still % ~ % rely on imports, and imports all special with aramid fiber optic cable. Attending many experts believe that, for the overall improve the level of communication optical cable production in China, the development, must establish the main body status of enterprises in technological innovation as soon as possible, promote and form a market-oriented combining production, study and research of technology innovation system. At the same time, the advantage of industry of the existing advanced technology production equipment, the introduction of optical fiber preform equipment and technology, optical fiber cable material technology, actively absorb, enterprises own intellectual property rights as soon as possible. Aimed at the serious oversupply of market status of communication optical cable delegates to steadily develop industry integration, adjust product structure, develop the international market, effective use of resources and other issues put forward many Suggestions and measures, and a period in the future study to determine the industry needs a series of key technology breakthrough.
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