Exhaust pipe cable laying methods

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] Exhaust pipe cable laying way introduction SXXLJT P first to know about the take exhaust pipe laying need to pay attention to? Usually in what circumstances using exhaust pipe installation? Exhaust pipe laying is mainly be used to line is more, the routing is relatively concentrated area. This way of laying pipes is more convenient and more economical material. < Div> after understanding the basic knowledge of exhaust pipe laying, then take a look at the small make up what for you all about exhaust pipe laying. < / div> < div>。 In outdoor drainage pipe laying the cable laying mode, each row tube corresponding cable alone, or more cables can share a line? < / div> < Div> a: each root canal is only suitable for wearing a cable. There is special circumstances, such as power plants and substations can except of some important places. < / div> < div>。 The depth of the exhaust pipe laying is not enough, what should I do? < / div> < Div> a: if there is no traffic areas to work, laying depth can not be less than. m( For the cable specification requirements. M, the people are rules requirements. M, here first cable specifications shall prevail) 。 If the region have more traffic, you can add protection board on the exhaust pipe; Or you can use thick wall steel pipe laying or can be used in cable trench. < / div> < div>。 High voltage discharge pipe and the weak current row, cable installation problem? < / div> < Div> a: the two row tube try not to row together, if do is small city, then try to set the strong and weak electricity pipe on both sides of the road. Even the occasional cross, small make up recommend standard spacing should be obeyed. < / div> < div>。 Because will be affected by the other line, line cable products in addition to straight Wells, the others all can't conform to the atlas, the size of the show, I don't know what kind of scheme can solve the problem? < / div> < div> ( ) Questions about the manhole borehole drainage. According to the requirements of the people rule, manhole needs to be set in well sump, but also do not know to should take what kind of method to concentrate drainage & lt; / div> < div> ( ) Manhole well spacing in accordance with the specification requirements for m. < / div> < div> ( ) Best to consult whether there are other atlas can be for reference, in addition to standard well, if you can design the shape and size. < / div> < div> < /div> < In edited] [SXXLJT/div>
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