Europe's economic downturn will continue into 2018

by:AAA     2020-04-14
( Industry news] In Europe's economic downturn will last into xjcoaj P at societe generale, said in the latest research report 'this summer from all walks of life to the euro zone economy optimistic expectation has been replaced by the winter cold', the eurozone's economic growth momentum is expected to last weak economic recovery will be extremely slow. Year to year, the euro area per capita gross domestic product ( GDP) Will be flat, this will be a 'lost decade' of Europe. Societe generale's thought, the cause of the weak euro zone economic growth mainly lies in the fact that the euro zone's sovereign debt crisis and a banking crisis is very slow, structural reform progress is too slow. Societe generale's also pointed out that the euro zone's economic recovery is currently faced with concrete problems including: first, the private sector deleveraging task facing. Although the current progress on the issue, the private sector deleveraging is still some highly indebted members such as Greece, Spain. Euro-zone Banks also need to accelerate the alliance, it is financial division led to the periphery of the sovereign debt crisis has not solved. Secondly, the fiscal consolidation has a long way. At present, the obstruction of the euro zone economy out of recession fiscal policy problems have been resolved, but if you want to further consolidate the finance situation, there is still a long way to go. Third, the eurozone member states political and economic policy uncertainty remains high, is expected in the years does most of the time, the middle of next year will be gradually improved. Finally, the euro zone's structural reform progress is slow. The eurozone economy, is the key to advance the medium-term outlook for structural reform in the country and the euro zone level. The bank of structural reforms in the euro area is expected to continue, but it will be very slow. Freight forwarder HTTP / / WWW. yunquna。 Com/shipping FCL freight HTTP / / WWW. yunquna。 com/hpsc. html
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