Environmental protection is weak, a cable company boss 'fog' into the criminal suspect

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] Meaning of environmental protection is weak, a cable company boss 'fog' into the criminal suspect speed flying P enterprises lack of environmental protection consciousness, will face legal punishment. Recently, the ecological environment in fuyang, hangzhou city, zhejiang province branch of investigation for alleged environmental pollution crime case, illegal is rooted in business owners to let it go, environmental protection consciousness is weak. Production wastewater effluent, and nearly one hundred times late, fuyang branch received the report, said in the silver lake streets tang village yellow dock to hangzhou fuyang tian hong communication equipment co. , LTD. , will produce the wastewater discharge, the stream water pollution caused by the factory door. Hangzhou fuyang tian hong communication equipment co. , LTD. Services include communications equipment, cable, etc. Pick up after, execute the law personnel to the scene immediately checking, found the suspected abnormal use of the water pollution prevention facilities of environmental violations. 'When we arrived at the scene, the enterprise is in production. 'Responsible for the introduction of the case law enforcement officers, the enterprise is pensu processing enterprise, its processing technology is a major link in the process of pickling phosphating, produces a large amount of sewage. According to the requirements of environmental protection, pickling phosphating process of sewage after treatment, and some can be reuse, residual wastes are shipped to sewage treatment plant. Law enforcement officers found during inspection enterprise's sewage treatment station, storage after processing wastewater collection pool on the east side has a diameter of about centimeters round hole, part of the waste water is out from the round hole. Waste water through the round hole into the first factory near the south wall, the ground of the shallow groove, shallow groove in the factory and then sewage go along shallow gully flow, flow to a cm length of the hole at the bottom of the south wall, through the hole to off-site. Factory south wall outside a small ditch, next to the fence wall, conveniently wastewater flow into the ditch, finally into the brook, standing at the gate of the factory. 'The stream of water body has produced a large number of bubbles, factory district south wall outside the square hole outside, also have obvious bubbles. 'On the same day, law enforcement officers on the related points of waste sampling test. After the examination, the enterprise waste exceeds bid badly, the highest point in the wastewater zinc and nearly one hundred times. According to relevant laws and regulations, to discharge or dump, disposal of pollutants such as zinc, more than ten times more than the national or local standards, will be considered '' serious environmental pollution, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility of the parties. Sewage treatment facilities damaged, manual deployment of reagent addition in the case, business owners, 'no charge' is the root of the problem. As representative of the enterprise legal person, tang so-and-so only occasionally turn to the enterprise, most of his time to his brother don a management. Brother tang, head of the one is not only the specific enterprise, is responsible for managing the daily production work, it is main production operators, and sewage treatment work. 'Tang a pluralism, no sewage management experience. 'Law enforcement officers found in the inspection, tang one for how to operate the sewage treatment equipment, the raw material drug ingredients know nothing. Tang told law enforcement personnel, oneself is inherited in this year, only in accordance with the original sewage treatment the treatment of workers told him. 'Companies have sewage treatment facilities, but is relatively backward. Inspection found that the equipment has been damaged, the enterprise did not timely maintenance, but change the machine automatically allocate the process of adding medicament to allocate added manually. 'Law enforcement officials said, in the process of sewage treatment, it is very important to adjust the pH value of wastewater, and the enterprise with the method of the artificial mixing add, is very extensive, technically it is difficult to meet the requirements of the pH of the wastewater treatment. 'The whole equipment appears to be complete, actually does not play a role. 'Law enforcement personnel introduces, tang one just opened, plus the machine, other all don't know, these enterprises in the' green hollow state '. Suspicion of environmental pollution, the suspects have been detained fuyang branch related to the enterprise pollution attachment processing facilities on the site, in the basic find out pollution sources, identify those responsible, the case will be handed over to the public security organ for further investigation. Recently, the reporter understands from fuyang public security bureau, the public security organ has, head of the enterprise legal representative people involved in a specific criminal detention measures, case is in probing. 'Business owners regardless of environmental protection, also have a full-time sewage treatment. Environmental inspection team to handle the case of fuyang district law enforcement officials said, regardless of business size, business owners must shoulder the responsibility, environmental protection, as the case of business owners, because of lack of environmental awareness, causing serious environmental pollution events, individuals and businesses will bear corresponding responsibility. The relevant person in charge of fuyang branch reminds, enterprises should improve the environmental protection consciousness, production is important, but can't fall in environmental protection. Main environmental awareness, especially enterprise training full-time environmental management personnel, in strict accordance with the environmental protection standard processing pollutants such as wastewater, waste gas, waste residue, do not like business owners in the case, fog became 'criminal suspects'.
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