Environmental protection is still cable industry & quot; The main melody

by:AAA     2020-04-14
( Industry news] Environmental protection is still cable industry & quot; Melody xianlan P we take regular cable and the environmental protection cable to do a comparison: conventional cable is quite serious polluting in the process of manufacture, use and waste disposal will appear a lot of dioxins, hazards such as lead, cadmium, halide material. Environmental protection cable compared with the ordinary cable, there is no more problems, he basically has the following features, first is halogen free nature of the environmental protection cable, use the quality of the cable can not only play an ordinary cable insulation characteristics, and it can avoid when burning produces harmful substances. Second, strong flame retardant properties are the characteristics of environmental protection cable, cable experts said this feature to prevent fire of expanding the range of the fire. Finally, cable protection characteristics of uv and water environmental protection, the cable, experts say, with this performance will to a certain extent, prevent the cable from being weathering, to a certain extent can slow down the aging speed, prolong the service life of the cable. So, overall, environmental protection cable to human and environmental non-toxic pollution-free, high safety and reliability, long service life, easy separation and recovery of circular economy mode, which will become the future mainstream cable market. Important building China's relevant laws and regulations legally obliged to ban the use of PVC wire and cable, must use low smoke zero halogen crosslinked polyolefin insulated wire and cable, to avoid a lot of smoke when the fire broke out, chlorine, and made part of casualties. Currently the rules: Shanghai, Beijing and other large cities are in large buildings or public places, the environmental protection such as PVC cable shall not be used; Buildings more than meters high civil buildings must use A grade low smoke zero halogen flame retardant wire and cable; Building height more than meters of high-rise buildings and lower than m civil buildings, such as a certain scale hospitals, public places of entertainment, underground shopping mall, library, station, supermarket, terminal building, office building, etc. , should be used for at least a smoke-free and low halogen flame retardant cable. Enterprise competition is the comprehensive strength competition, but one of the most important competition of products, product competition is mainly technical competition, competition is to improve the efficiency of resources and resource. The essence of circular economy is through the adoption of high and new technology to improve resource utilization, cleaner production as a result, the electric enterprises must make important adjustment mode of resource utilization and management, enterprises should establish with environmental cost consciousness, it is necessary to implement reduction; pay attention to the resources in the economic cycle Products to use; The principle of the recycling of waste. In general, environmental protection cable is a big trend, environmental protection cable will be powerful driving the development of the cable industry, cable production enterprise competitiveness, and in green practices and innovation, make the cable industry in the sustainable development of the road more walk more steadily. Source: cable mall ( xianlan) A collection of r &d production and sales of wire and cable type direct online procurement platform
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