Electrocution charging play mobile phones and cable behind the security hidden danger _ good information

by:AAA     2020-04-15
( Industry news] Electrocution charging play mobile phones and cable behind the security hidden danger sdjixie P _, better information mobile phone has become a part of our lives, data line has become the indispensable tool. Data processing automatic terminal machine demand is increasing. But if the poor quality of cable manufacturers using the data processing terminal machine, after its safety problems can be deadly. Recently, a shocking video on social media, photographed in guangxi liuzhou a student to get an electric shock the moment in the bar. According to the report, June 21, guangxi liuzhou in a net cafe, 'a high fill students using a mobile phone charging access computer suddenly get an electric shock, be electricity pour on the spot, unconscious. After arrived, the student has died. Monitor took this amazing scene. At present the Internet bar has closed. According to previous reports, the Internet bar shock incident is not the first time. On (date) (month) (year), the net cafe has a similar situation happened similar things, an old man in the same home Internet cafes, be electrically damaging fainted, he was to connect the computer with usb data cable to charge their phone. The man has been in the hospital that night. After the event, the two sides have reached a compensation agreement: Internet cafes in yuan for compensation. According to the professional analysis, the source of the strong current are likely to be the case leakage. Under normal circumstances, the computer USB interface for general v output voltage, such as not occur leakage, is unlikely to have a strong current through the wires. Because of the data line near the plug are prone to bend at ordinary times, copper wire terminal interface is easy to fall off, so the insulation skin the most easy to burn through. The power cord manufacturer with technology does not pass the terminal machine, easy to produce the copper wire is easy to fall off the cable. Sen jia mechanical automatic terminal machine of the introduction of Germany, Italy, Japan and other advanced technology, and obtain the Italian ECM CE certification testing institutions. Product safety and quality have reached the international standard requirements, sen machinery of terminal machine has entered into the European market. For personal security and brand reputation, don't because of the price and choose the terminal machine quality closes nevertheless, reputation can come back, but only once in a life. Dongguan terminal machine entrance WWW. senjiamachine。 com
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