Electricity use short-term slowdown in clear power investment growth

by:AAA     2020-04-05
( Industry news] Globledata P high electricity use short-term slowdown in clear power investment growth in China's electricity consumption and the whole society hours using both fall power generation equipment, with a larger GDP growth, the industry of 'power have excess capacity', 'power investment will slowdown' forecast is spread, but recently the two sessions 'voices' let's see the new opportunity of electric power industry: electricity use short-term slowdown in clear power investment growth. The National Energy Administration, according to data released annual electricity consumption in the whole society. Trillions of KWH, year-on-year growth. %。 Than the data. % growth dropped sharply. A percentage points, hit a year low. Look from generating equipment use hours, cumulative average annual power generation in mw and above equipment for use for hours, thermal power equipment used for hours on average, year-on-year decline in hours and hours, respectively. Power generation equipment using hours is main index for judging whether overcapacity. General average thermal power equipment for use in hours as a baseline, in thermal power generating hours on average is below the standard, power-generating equipment utilization rate declined. It's worth noting that China's GDP in year-on-year growth. %, power consumption growth in the whole society and generating equipment utilization hours fell to GDP growth in large deviation, does this mean that the power demand of inflection point has emerged, power investment is slow? Power investment has obvious periodicity, a power investment driven to generate electricity, Internet, time span could reach five or six years. 'A few years ago when electricity demand is slowing, investment approval also slowed down, the result of economic development to the peak, only electricity. So, the electric power construction must keep moderate advanced. 'The CPPCC national committee, China guodian group general manager Zhu Yongpeng said. The CPPCC national committee, the state grid corporation chairman him think, in the long run, China's energy demand for electricity will continue to grow rapidly. With rapid growth in economy of our country has entered the new normal is consistent, the whole society power consumption will also maintain a higher demand. Him lists a set of data to support the view that the whole society in our country electricity consumption per capita is less than, less than half of the organisation for economic co-operation and development countries. According to the present electric power investment growth, is expected to the year, China's per capita consumption data and only than the level of the organisation for economic co-operation and development countries are a little higher. Him think, China power investment will further intensify efforts to, not because of social electricity consumption growth decline, reducing power investment, especially the smart grid investment can't represent the world trend of electric power facilities, such as slow down. It is important to note that in our country's power grid construction investment of one hundred million yuan, year-on-year increase. %。 The state grid company plans to invest one hundred million yuan to build power grid, year-on-year growth %, a record high for the amount of investment. Although in China's power consumption growth and GDP growth appeared a large deviation, but from years of electric power investment, power grid investment does not slow down, and in order to achieve state planning of electricity consumption per capita, in the next few years electric power investment is expected to expand further.
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