Electricity floor heating with solar and wind power to achieve organic combination

by:AAA     2020-04-16
( Industry news] Electricity floor heating with solar, wind power generation to achieve organic combination of knifeqiao P business electricity floor heating (electricity floor heating with solar, wind power generation to achieve organic combination, traditional electricity floor heating heating system converts electrical energy directly into heat energy, and thus achieve the purpose of heating, the heating mode should be covered in power supply and other heat source system, better the situation of thermal insulation of building construction. And energy as the driving energy, with the perfect combination of other techniques, the low grade energy is converted to the high grade energy, which consumes low power in return for a higher heat energy, the heating way than just use electricity heating more vitality. Under the background of era of ladder electricity price, electricity floor heating enterprise if can realize the organic combination with new energy, will help to avoid elimination of bad luck. Heat pump technology, energy storage technology developed in recent years, as electricity heating opens up a new road. Compared with direct electric heating, the air source heat pump, water source heat pump, ground source heat pump or the sewage-source heat pump technology, its power consumption by the original / ~ / heating can achieve the same effect, energy-saving effect is very obvious. In addition, you can through the combination of power and other new energy to improve heat conversion of electrical energy. Such as wind and solar power; In xinjiang region, for example, xinjiang region sufficient sunshine time ( The annual sunshine time of ~ hours) To put the equipment into the solar power generation, to some extent, optimize the structure of electricity, electricity use more easy and save. In addition, wind power as a sunrise industry of green non-polluting, renewable, prospect, in wind developed area, development of wind power, will also be conducive to economic development. And from the perspective of heating, electric heating floor heating will use electricity have an advantage more. Shaanxi electric tracing band manufacturer mining with the sun, wind power generation to achieve organic combination of floor heating in edited] [knifeqiao
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