Electricity floor heating system installed seven steps

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] Electric floor heating system installed seven steps knifeqiao P specific installation implementation steps of electric floor heating system, electric floor heating is a whole system, from planning to the device has a strict technology and standards, the following 'how electricity floor heating device' let's look at electric floor heating system installed seven steps. First step, the electric system of floor heating device, first to see the insulation resistance of cables, and see that the open circuit or short circuit. Floor heating device used for cable, each check before laying all demand. The second step, electric heating floor system device laid heat preservation and heat insulation board, usually in the form of extruded polystyrene board, before laying the ground should be clean and neat, insulation board laid when demand neat, shall not go beyond the mm gap between each board, insulation board in the floor heating device must be laid, primary effect is to heat preservation and heat insulation. If not laid its predictable results. The third step, the laid of floor heating reflective film, usually for the aluminum foil reflective film, its data - — Polyester vacuum aluminum plating film, laid on insulation board, flat, it is necessary to transfer heat primary function. The fourth step, laid floor heating wire mesh, wire mesh is laid in the least reflective film, each application to plunge into the belt between wire mesh, wire mesh is the effect of primary fixed heating cable, in case in the late fall of cable, orientation changes. Fifth, laying heating cable, heating cable laid to recognize when cold and hot wire, cold wire connected to the thermostat, can cut, hotline is heating element, laying of can't cut off, when laying cardin fixed, then Ann plan given by the distance to end laid. Step 6, electric heating floor system device after the heating cable shall be laid again check electricity floor heating and nominal resistance, insulation resistance by checking we can send now electricity floor heating device in the process of cable whether have damage, if any problem, the first time processing. Step 7, electricity floor heating thermostat system device, before electricity floor heating device should determine the thermostat early bearing and reserve a good line and the box. Usually device bearing, bearing and light switch in detail according to the actual circumstance of indoor set, and then cement backfill, repair and maintenance of the finished product, test and operation! Electricity floor heating system device for the personage inside course of study is not mixed and disorderly, but 'sparrow' is small, with five zang-organs, from planning to construction of floor heating, and harmony of hydropower construction, to the laying of the layers of warm line device, finally to the road surface construction points for attention and temperature test, the same can't careless, is still that sentence the details determine the battle.
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