Electricity floor heating heating development rapidly

by:AAA     2020-04-18
( Industry news] Electricity floor heating heating rapidly developing knifeqiao P with the development of electric industry of floor heating application were surging, factory production is becoming more and more busy, using electric heating floor enjoy healthy, comfortable, comfortable the new way of life or production of environmental protection. The energy consumption of winter heating, heating is a big problem, the traditional heating method to burn coal, pose environmental pollution; Gas power need to be big, the price also has a rising trend. Under dynamic serious trend, using the heating of the heating cable is undoubtedly the best choose. Why say so, electric heating cable floor heating electricity use, and electricity can pass environmental pollution to get renewable energy capital. Heating cable heating system in a very image such as it is under the board with a layer of 'electric blanket. Heating cable heating system for heating element - Heating cable, laid on the floor, a regenerative heating concrete backfill layer effect, and board, plus temperature thermostat scheduling. Heating cable heating system work directly all the electric energy into heat energy, announced on the laying method at low temperature heat, radiation in all heating area, arrived in heating effect, its electrical energy and thermal energy conversion rate of more than %. Arrived, of course, so the heat preservation effect on the one hand, is associated with the laying power of heating cable itself, usually the bedroom laying power W / ㎡, toilet area laying W / ㎡. The higher wattage laid, the speed of temperature rise faster. Other, still have contact with heat preservation function of the house itself, comfortable, warm application for heating of the heating cable is on the basis of building energy efficiency. Heating cable heating way of promoting and the universality of use, is also directly promote the nation about building energy efficiency of making serious inspection and landing performance. Will surely extent promoted the country to create low carbon, environmentally friendly society. Nearly two years, electricity price cut has been a topic, also carried out in this direction. Other, hot electric consider electric floor heating system is to make full use of the valley of electricity power supply heating, the valley period of electricity utilization rate is high, can turn. With the traditional electric heaters, plumbing, electric boiler heating method contrast, electric heating cable floor heating system is the biggest characteristic is embodied in - 'energy saving', and 'happy, warm, health' is also a heating cable heating elements of the site, the popularity of electric heating floor development momentum is swift and violent, factory production is busy. Original text: HTTP / / WWW. abdbr。 com/news////。 html
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