Electricity floor heating ( Heating cable type) Use energy saving strategy

by:AAA     2020-04-20
( Industry news] Electricity floor heating ( Heating cable type) Use energy saving strategy knifeqiao P today let small make up teach you how to teach you how to reduce the use of electricity floor heating energy consumption, happy, healthy, environmental protection, save electricity floor heating heating by many users of waiting, but many users, the late use of electricity consumption is too big. So many interested device of electric heating floor heating users think that electricity floor heating heating electricity is high, it is the consumer of electric floor heating is a big misunderstanding. Relative to the most extensive air conditioning, originally, in the same area of the house to get to the same heating effect, the use of electricity floor heating cost was lower. , electric floor heating is not out-of-the-box day at work can be the warm temperature down, insist on low temperature work, come home from work after the temperature to room temperature. A single don't often use room temperature can be lowered, as long as the home empty talent enclosed floor heating system for a long time, should be the model chosen first. , setting up reasonable heating temperature setting up reasonable electricity floor heating heating temperature is complete electricity floor heating energy saving of the most key point. Suppose you set the temperature of heating in winter in the degrees, practice experience of floor heating temperature should be in the degrees, than the normal air heating or other heating methods to height. And from the human body, the normal human body feeling temperature in degrees to is the best the most comfortable temperature. 。 Open a window for air don't go overboard repeatedly warm closed space simple reproduction of bacteria, floor heating work when it is necessary to open a window for air, but don't overdo again and again, and best choice in the sun on a clear day noon take a breath. 。 Electricity floor heating is reasonable use electricity peak valley electricity use electricity floor heating can be used at night valley electricity, high temperature a little fine-tuning, let the floor heating heat storage in the night; Arrived at daytime peak power, the temperature down again, that can be released heat of the night, low power consumption. , do a good job electricity floor heating energy-saving wall insulation first related to wall heat preservation condition, assuming that the wall heat preservation work has been done, so must be small energy consumption, cost will be low. Assumption considering the electric floor heating is loaded, then in adornment of cent should choose double Windows or do exterior wall insulation, such as strategic, forward the remaining heat preservation function, that is to solve the problem, reduce the energy consumption of the root to the end. The following is a common electricity floor heating products, including accessories with heating cable, mat products: electric heating BJW explosion-proof electric heating temperature controller FDH explosion-proof power junction box electric heating FTH explosion-proof tee junction box electric heating FJH explosion-proof electric heating FZH two-way connection box explosion-proof terminal box automatically flow of HYB/MI copper sheathed mineral insulated heating cable MI copper nickel alloy mineral insulated heating cable MI alloy mineral insulated heating cable low-temperature w / ㎡ heating mat white w / ㎡ heating mat red CEMS sampling pipe anticorrosion heat tracing
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